Poland: Big changes at construction site of first such stadium in the country

source: StadiumDB.com ; author: Kuba Kowalski

Poland: Big changes at construction site of first such stadium in the country Due to the good weather in recent weeks, the construction of Odra Opole club's new stadium has slightly accelerated. The crew has started work on one of the most important parts of the stadium, the pitch. What stage is the investment at and what still remains to be done?


Time for the turf

The drainage system is currently being laid. This is a system of pipes whose function will be to collect excess rainwater. The drainage will also drain excess groundwater to create the best possible conditions for the maintenance of the turf. The organisation of the work on site allowed us to use hay grass. This method allows the plants to take better roots and thus grow a strong turf, explains Klaudia Wiącek, contract manager at Mirbud in an interview with czasnaopole.pl.

As soon as the weather permits, i.e. most likely in late March/early April, sowing will begin. A mixture of two grass species has been decided upon. It will be ryegrass and poa grass, as these complement each other perfectly in our weather conditions and, when properly cared for, create a solid turf. The sown grass will develop in primary conditions, forming an extensive root system, gradually adapting to the microclimate in which it will function. Rolled grass makes a spectacular impression at the outset, but there are times when it becomes difficult to acclimatise it later.

Fans are keenly interested in the construction, especially as this is another place on the map of Poland where a new facility is being built. Meanwhile, one of the best teams in Poland, Raków Częstochowa, which played in Europa League this season, does not have a new stadium. In the league they play in an arena with a capacity of 5,000, and in Europa League they have had to play in another stadium an hour away. In Poland, more and more fans want to come to the stands of the stadiums to watch the games, but those and others who stay at home often use sports betting sites, which provides them with even more entertainment during their teams' matches.

Construction of Stadion Miejski w Opolu© Stadion Opolski

Waiting for the “dress”

Work is also continuing around the Opole Stadium building. The laying of paving blocks has begun. Work on the substructures for the road surfaces is also underway. However, the glazing of the building has been completed and in this respect the stadium is now closed.

Inside the facility, finishing work is well advanced. Partition walls are being erected, sanitary facilities and circulation routes are being constructed. In the second quarter of this year, according to many, the most spectacular stage of construction will begin, namely the installation of the decorative membrane on the facade of the facility, known as the dress.

Construction of Stadion Miejski w Opolu© Stadion Opolski