Italy: Roma stadium project soon ready - more than half a billion in

source:; author: Paulina Skóra

Italy: Roma stadium project soon ready - more than half a billion in The administrative process regarding AS Roma's new stadium project has concluded. The facility is set to be built in the Pietralata area. What are the agreements, and will the club be able to build its dream new home?


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Community gives green light

In January, geognostic studies and preventive archaeological excavations began in the area. Three weeks ago, the Special Archaeological Supervision for Fine Arts and Landscape requested further in-depth research advised by a professional archaeologist. Club authorities claim that all procedures have been completed, and now it's up to private investors to carry out the project. It will be supported by an economic and financial feasibility study.

The Capitolina Council recently approved a report from a public debate, which involved over 700 citizens, marking a key step in the discussion with residents: We have closed the authorization part and conducted a public debate to dispel any doubts and guarantee transparency, explained urban planning councilor Maurizio Veloccia.

Awaiting final approval

In informal discussions, the Giallorossi club confirmed project implementation according to schedule, with field surveys ongoing. Infrastructure work is also underway: parking lots will be built, connections to the Nomentano-Piazza Bologna district are planned, and a bridge for bicycles and pedestrians will link Tiburtina station to the stadium. If the schedule is met and Roma presents the project along with the economic and financial plan, the Capitol Assembly will soon be able to vote on the proposal.

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What will be cost?

The AS Roma new stadium project envisions a capacity of around 65,000 spectators. If all goes according to plan, the facility will be operational in 2027, on the club's 100th anniversary.

An undertaking of this size requires an investment of over €500 million. We will probably have to wait a bit longer before seeing the final project. But there's no need to worry, admitted Rome's mayor, Massimiliano Umberti, in an interview with TRS.

Before the project emerges, we can compare AS Roma's current intentions with those of 10 years ago, when construction of Stadio dello Roma was due to begin. The plan was to complete it after 24 months. Unfortunately, this soon proved unrealistic. The scale of the investment and numerous bureaucratic complications pushed this deadline back to 2015, 2016 and then 2017. Ultimately, the project can be considered out of date.

Design of Stadio della Roma© | Design from 2017