Australia: Sydney Stadium modernization getting closer

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Australia: Sydney Stadium modernization getting closer Penrith is planning to develop its sports base through projects of plans for a new stadium presented by the New South Wales government. What exactly will be created?


To enhance comfort

The $309 million redevelopment plans for Penrith Stadium include a new western stand and the modernization of the eastern stand to increase its capacity to 25,000 spectators. The stands will be reconfigured to be steeper, maximizing the number of seats with excellent views to bring fans closer to the action. Speaking of action, and as sports enthusiasts are increasingly drawn to the world of betting, they can get themselves into it through some Dubai betting sites. Benefiting the fans, more food points and amenities will reduce waiting time on match days and improve customer service quality, as well as new scoreboards, sound systems, and upgraded lighting. New spaces for players will also be created, including four new changing rooms.

BlueBet Stadium© Penrith Panthers

Social consultations as basis of project

The modernization is based on social consultations conducted in 2022. The hills at the north and south ends of the field will be preserved, as requested by over 3,000 fans and community members. Additionally, the training field west of the stadium will be revamped to create a stadium precinct with high-quality open space for hosting outdoor events as well as sports and entertainment activities.

In the coming months, the finalized project will be presented as part of social consultations. Feedback received through ongoing engagement efforts will be considered by the project team and will form the basis for preparing the Environmental Impact Statement, which will then be submitted to the New South Wales Department of Planning and Environment as part of the significant investment application process.

I would like to thank the 3,000 fans and families who contributed to the design process, and I - like every sports fan in Western Sydney - am very excited that the iconic hills at both ends of the field have been preserved. With further development in Penrith, the new Penrith Stadium precinct will become an active hub enjoyed by the entire community, said Karen McKeown, a member of Penrith quoted by the official Penrith Panthers club website.

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How long will work take?

It is expected that the Environmental Impact Statement will be submitted by mid-year. To facilitate the redevelopment, the stadium is expected to close after the NRL 2024 season and reopen in 2026. The construction schedule is subject to planning and public procurement processes.

Upon completion of the construction, the facility will be managed by Venues NSW. This entity has extensive experience in effectively managing similar facilities throughout New South Wales, including McDonald Jones Stadium, WIN Stadium, and CommBank Stadium.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Western Sydney Prue Car said the stadium will be a world-class sports and entertainment facility where everyone will have a great time. Following the launch of an artificial beach in Penrith in late 2023 and the announcement of a $400 million indoor ski resort, slated to open in the suburbs within the next decade, this is certainly another groundbreaking investment for the residents of Western Sydney.

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Modernization after almost 18 years

The Penrith Panthers-owned facility, known as BlueBet Stadium, currently has a capacity of 22,500 seats. It was inaugurated in 1967. Initially, the facility had an oval shape, surrounded by low earth embankments, with a modest main stand located on the western side.

The stadium underwent a complete transformation in the 1980s when the playing field was converted into a rectangle, and new stands were erected along the pitch. The last major expansion took place in 2006, when the western stand was expanded with a new segment on the southern side and new suites were built.