Spain: Will Martínez Valero Stadium undergo renovation?

source:; author: Paulina Skóra

Spain: Will Martínez Valero Stadium undergo renovation? At the end of last year, the owner of Elche FC revealed that an external renovation of the Martínez Valero stadium is planned. The idea is for the work to be completed within the next two years. What will be changed?


No roof for now?

Initially, there was talk of installing a complete roof, there were estimates to do it in two stages, but it would be an investment of over €20 million, maybe even €25 million. The authorities are not willing to invest such a large sum of money in the roof of the facility, considering it is only used for Elche matches, and it remains empty the rest of the time. They would prefer to allocate the funds to other works, starting with covering individual stands. The most important part of the modernization is the renovation of the external facade of Martínez Valero, but the works also concern other areas of the stadium. The parking lot and older parts of the building will be refurbished. Plans also include adapting some stands and other interior spaces.

Estadio Manuel Martínez Valero© Victormartinezm

Renowned architect

The company responsible for the renovation will be DOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture. César Azcárate, an architect working for this firm, is very well-known and has worked on the construction of many other Spanish stadiums: Nuevo San Mamés, La Ceramica, and La Romareda. According to Christian Bragarnik, the owner of Elche, the renovation of the interior of Martínez Valero stadium was funded by the club's own resources, while the investment planned for this year is to be financed from the CVC fund.

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Following example of San Mamés?

Bragarnik, in an interview with Radioestadio Elche, admitted that he likes Nuevo San Mamés the most: Certainly, when we compare the lines, you can see glimpses of similar architecture to San Mamés, although we must be realistic, and the investment there was bigger, but we want a beautiful stadium. We intend to announce the project and obtain approval to start work at the turn of January and February, which can be carried out in two stages. Exact deadlines will be determined in the project. We plan to complete the first stage within one year, and the second in the following one, the club owner informed.

Manuel Martínez Valero Stadium was opened in 1976 and has undergone only one renovation since then. It can accommodate 31,388 spectators.