Spain: What about renovation of Fernando Torres Stadium?

source:; author: Paulina Skóra

Spain: What about renovation of Fernando Torres Stadium? One of the commitments of the Fuenlabrada City Council in this term was the renovation and expansion of the football stadium, for which a tender was approved for €6.5 million, covering the project and execution of works.


Costs exceeded Fuenlabrada's budget

Mayor Javier Ayala, during the presentation of the new budget project, confirmed that renovation works will ultimately be carried out in stages due to the high project costs. High costs? We recommend checking out the no deposit bonus offer. Due to the cost increase, the final project reached €10 million, a sum that the City Council cannot immediately undertake, as Mayor Javier Ayala stated when asked by

For all these reasons, project of Fernando Torres Stadium will be implemented in stages. For the year 2024, the budget has allocated the first stage with a sum of €1.3 million, which will be used for building the stands. It was decided that we will divide this project into stages to be able to gather funds this year, and thus, next year, we will consider another investment. All these modifications have already been discussed with the club, explained the mayor.

Design of Estadio Fernando TorresDesign of Estadio Fernando Torres

Modernization postponed

According to the project created in 2022, the modernized stadium will be able to accommodate 6,600 spectators. The dimensions of the new field will be 105 meters in length and 68 meters in width, completing the stadium's perimeter. Additionally, spaces such as stands, broadcasting cabins, press gallery, mixed zone and press room, television control center, photographers' workspace, telecommunication installation, hotel services, access control, and security control area will be renovated and created. All these areas will be covered. Furthermore, the works will include a new lighting system that allows optimal sports competition at night, as well as its broadcast on television according to the technical requirements of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and the National Professional Football League.

According to previous assumptions, the works were supposed to start in the summer of 2022 and last a maximum of 14 months, but it has long been known that this will not be the case. Currently, the city authorities do not specify the completion date of the renovation.

Estadio Fernando Torres© Miguelazo84 (CC BY-SA 4.0)