Spain: Córdoba aims to settle situation at El Arcángel

source:; author: Paulina Skóra

Spain: Córdoba aims to settle situation at El Arcángel The City Council of Córdoba has already prepared specifications regarding the transfer of El Arcángel. This is the second time that the stadium owner has proposed to the Córdoba CF company to settle its situation as a tenant, which has been uncertain until now.


Just over a month to submit an offer

A few days ago, Mayor José María Bellido agreed to grant a public concession for the stadium, aimed at resolving the administrative situation. Mayor of Córdoba explained that through this document, the City Council wants to bring normality to regulate and legalize a public asset that has been in an uncertain situation for many years. Fortunately, you don't need any mayor's permission to take advantage of the 888starz offer - one of the most popular international sites for online betting and casino games. Check it out!

After the document is approved at the council meeting, objections to the specifications can be raised for 20 days. After this period, the document will be finally approved and published on the relevant platforms. Interested parties will have 35 days to submit offers.

What will be the costs?

The City Council intends to grant a public concession through a competitive bidding process for the exclusive use of the Nuevo Estadio Municipal Arcángel de Córdoba property complex. This will be done through a competition, but proceedings can be initiated ex officio at the request of an interested party. The matter will be considered based on the Public Procurement Act and will be subject to criteria for awarding the contract based on the most advantageous offer in terms of quality and price.

The duration of the contract is 4 years with an option to extend for another 4 years. According to information provided by Diario CÓRDOBA, the annual cost will be just under €110,000, which multiplied by the 4 years of the contract will amount to approximately €440,000. The fee entitles the use of 62.92% of the entire complex. The sports area of the stadium covers 51,538.84 m², to which 27,759 m² of office space should also be added.

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What rights and obligations will the concessionaire have?

The City Council estimates the value of the Arcángel stadium precisely at €33,497,437.34. According to the document, the concessionaire will sustain themselves from the income obtained from the exploitation of the property. No financial contribution will be made. The City Council will not cover any type of work on the stadium nor will it be obligated to grant any type of subsidy to the entity.

The concessionaire, on their part, will bear the costs and taxes associated with formalizing the public concession if it is elevated to the status of a public act, as well as any licenses, permits, and permissions that may be required for this purpose. Additionally, the concessionaire cannot carry out works or make permanent improvements without the prior consent of the City Council of Córdoba.

The concessionaire may propose to the City Council a change of the stadium's name, but the name must always include the phrase Nuevo Estadio Arcángel de Córdoba. Meanwhile, the city will transfer the advertising exploitation of the entire El Arcángel to areas clearly designated by the transferring entity, allowing for its management always in accordance with the regulations regarding advertising in municipal and sports facilities.

Who can submit offers?

Corporations and other sports entities whose main objective of activity, according to current sports regulations, is participation in official competitions of a professional nature or national sports competitions in the football category may be granted the document. The City Council will require candidates to have liability insurance for professional risk in an amount equal to or greater than €1,201,000. They must demonstrate solvency through a policy or proof of the existence of liability insurance.

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