New Zealand: Stadium project out of this world

source:; author: Paulina Skóra

New Zealand: Stadium project out of this world The global design team responsible for the proposed new downtown stadium in Quay Park believes that one day this arena could become Auckland's version of the Sydney Opera House. Images depicting how the proposed facility in central Auckland could look have been released.


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Tradition meets modernity

The Herald newspaper revealed detailed plans for a 15-hectare area, also known as Te Tōangaroa, at the eastern edge of Auckland's CBD. Four hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, office spaces, residential apartments, public squares, and green areas will be built there.

However, the centerpiece of the project is a stadium capable of accommodating 55,000 spectators—a radical and innovative design inspired by local culture and historical features of the Auckland isthmus. The U-shaped arena also opens at one end, offering views of Waitematā Harbour and Rangitoto Island.

The project stands out from every angle, diverging significantly from the standard coliseum mold. The roof draws inspiration from traditional Maori culture with its patterns and lines, while the overall structure is almost indescribable.

Design of Te Tōangaroa Auckland Stadium© HKS

Multi-purpose facility as new heart of city

The stadium will host both sporting events and other gatherings such as concerts, and it will be adaptable to the nature of the event. A retractable roof will allow events to be held both indoors and outdoors, regardless of the weather. It's an iconic stadium that can host concerts and sporting events. We wanted something that wouldn't just be a concrete box, said former Warriors CEO Jim Doyle.

Supporters of this proposal, including Jim Doyle, believe that the creation of such a facility will lead to the revitalization of the Quay Park area, the last in the chain along the waterfront, following Wynyard Point, the viaduct, Britomart, and Commercial Bay.

Instead of wasting money on modernizing our existing stadiums, I think we should put them in the city center, where public transport is close by, they say. The new stadium in the heart of Auckland's CBD would be very close to the city's nightlife and bars, as well as near Britomart train station with multiple public transportation options.

Design of Te Tōangaroa Auckland Stadium© HKS

Interest from major players

The potential of the offer has attracted several significant players from around the world. Goldman Sachs, the world's second-largest investment bank, is on board, as is the architectural firm HKS, which has recently received accolades for its work on stadiums in California and Minnesota. Founded in the USA in 1939, HKS has 27 offices worldwide. It has designed facilities such as AT&T Stadium in Dallas, US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, and Optus Stadium in Perth.

The consortium also includes several global and local experts in planning, engineering, infrastructure and environmental impact. New Zealand rugby association also supports this proposal.

Or "sunken stadium" as another option?

Discussions about a new stadium for the city have been ongoing for years, and at the end of last year, the Auckland Council established a working group to make progress. There is no guarantee that the plans will be realized, as three other projects are also being considered: a sunken stadium for 70,000 people at Bledisloe Wharf, a 55,000-seat facility at Wynyard Point with a multi-purpose hall and an outdoor amphitheater, and the modernization of Eden Park, which would include adding a roof and three new stands.

Design of Te Tōangaroa Auckland Stadium© HKS