Italy: Will San Siro be sold?

source:; author: Paulina Skóra

Italy: Will San Siro be sold? In Milan, there has been a heated discussion about the future of San Siro for several months. In early February, a renovation project was presented in the town hall, which received approval for implementation. All of this is to keep Inter and Milan in the heart of the city. What do the clubs think about this?


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There is no turning back

I don't know if Milan and Inter will be convinced, said Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala at the end of the debate on the San Siro modernization project. Now, city officials are awaiting meetings with representatives of Milan and Inter. It is not known exactly when or in what form these meetings will take place, but the director general of Nerazzurri, Alessandro Antonello, has already spoken on the matter.

Inter is awaiting a summons from the mayor and has received a copy of the letter addressed to AC Milan, in which the authorities ask the Rossoneri management for explanations regarding the commencement of administrative proceedings with the San Donato municipality. According to previous analyses, the costs of renovating San Siro have directed both Milanese clubs towards building new facilities in place of the current one. Pending the judgment of the TAR [Regional Administrative Court, ed.] regarding the appeal, the project has been blocked due to restrictions imposed by the curatorship over San Siro. Milan and Inter have decided to go their own way, from which there is no turning back, he said in an interview with La Gazetta dello Sport.

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So, what will happen to San Siro?

As widely known, the Italian Heritage Board has imposed a restriction preventing the demolition of Giuseppe Meazza stadium, due to its cultural and historical value, especially concerning the second tier. The city wants the stadium to host Italy's national team matches, large concerts, and charity events. However, recently, Mayor Sala spoke in a slightly tougher tone about the future of San Siro. It is my duty to defend my own reasons, also because if both teams leave, what will we do with San Siro? I would then have to find a solution and put the stadium up for sale, he said in an interview with

Stadium project in Rozzano is progressing well

With the support of our advisors, we continue our work in the Rozzano area. After completing the feasibility study and acquiring the land, we will present our administration project, said Alessandro Antonello in an interview with La Gazetta dello Sport. The CEO of Inter also informed that the club has invested a significant amount of money in Rozzano project and has engaged several consulting firms: Legend, responsible for the commercial and marketing part; Populous, dealing with the architectural part; Goldman Sachs, overseeing finances; and Cbre/Wepartner, evaluating the real estate market. Until April 30, Inter has exclusivity to verify the feasibility of building the stadium and other activities on the grounds belonging to Infrafin, a company of the Cabassi group.

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Alessandro Antonello emphasizes that the most delicate aspect is the road layout, which must be developed alongside the facility. At the moment, no critical opinions have been noted on this matter, so the club is optimistic.

If all permits are issued by Rozzano municipality by the first half of 2025, Inter could play at the new facility in the 2028/2029 season.