England: Turf maintenance will impact race for Premier League?

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England: Turf maintenance will impact race for Premier League? Hull City are at the top of the Championship and hoping for promotion to the Premier League. To improve the current situation, owner Acun Ilicali has invested in state-of-the-art lighting equipment imported from the Netherlands to help the surface regain its former glory and thus help the team achieve its goal.


Will the expensive investment pay off?

The pitch surface at City's venue has been under scrutiny in recent weeks as the club has pledged £1.5m to repair it after a number of games and disastrous weather conditions. People driving past the stadium over the past few weeks have seen a bright purple glow emanating into the night sky. These were the new lamps. The Hull City coach hopes the investment in the MKM Stadium turf will play an important role in the fight for the play-offs.

We know our strengths, we're a football team. We're probably one of the smallest teams in the league or probably the smallest team in the league. I want footballers to believe in playing this way, and you've got to create an environment where you can help that as much as possible, - Liam Rosenior told Hull Live. To achieve your own goals, extra cash is also useful. For this, some people look online for a solution, and Casinos Analyzer provides you with $5 deposit casino and thorough reviews of world's largest casino sites.

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Will we see MKM Stadium back in the Premier League?

The Hull coach also showed his gratitude for making a turf-related change. The club do everything they can to help me do the best job I can in helping the team win games of football. I've said it before, the club have put a lot of money into the new lights that have been on pretty much 24 hours a day on the pitch. It's unbelievable, we got them from pretty much Amsterdam, they came from Holland. They're amazing, top-of-the-range, technical lights that we've brought in.

Although competition at the top of the Championship is huge, Hull believe they will return to the Premier League after seven years. One thing is for sure - the club's stadium is good enough for the Tigers to play in the top division and some Premier League clubs do not have such a facility.

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22 years of MKM Stadium

The idea to build this stadium came about in 1997, when the existing Boothferry Park was well below the stricter standards of the 'post-Taylor' reform. However, insufficient funding initially blocked the development. Careful consideration of several plots of land in the city and outside Hull culminated in the selection of West Park. The site is both close to the city centre and quite a distance from homes, without compromising the comfort of residents on match days.

Planning and design was handled by Arup Sport and Miller Partnership - both known for other English stadiums. The single-tier bowl (topped by a second tier on the west side only) was intended to hold between 25,000 and 30,000 people. Although the capacity was eventually kept at 25,000, the possibility of expansion by adding another tier to the east still remains.

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