USA: What's next for new Jacksonville Jaguars facility?

source:; author: Paulina Skóra

USA: What's next for new Jacksonville Jaguars facility? Jacksonville Jaguars team is on a mission to fulfill their dream, undoubtedly building the "Stadium of the Future" that will replace the aging EverBank Stadium. As some contemplate the renderings of what the Jaguars' new home could look like, there's speculation on whether it will indeed become a reality.


Project still in creation phase

Initial plans for the construction of the "Stadium of the Future" include a capacity of 62,000 seats, expandable to 71,500 for college football games. The facility will feature numerous restaurants and food stands, a subtropical park at the entrance, as well as new floodlighting and digital technology. Additionally, the stadium is designed to have a mirrored facade, a translucent shading membrane, a hall, and viewing terraces offering a panorama of downtown Jacksonville and the St. Johns River. The club also aims to invest in creating more pleasant conditions inside the facility, with temperatures about 10-15 degrees lower than outside. The new stadium project is only about 30% complete. Current studies are ongoing to assess the integrity of the existing stadium and identify any immediate repairs needed.

Design od Stadium of the future© Jacksonville Jaguars

Discussions on financing

Negotiations with city authorities regarding funding for the construction at a rate of 50% are underway. The estimated construction costs for the stadium itself are set to be a maximum of $1.4 billion, while the surrounding gastronomic and entertainment areas would increase the costs by $668 million, totaling just over $2 billion.

We have to create this project to know exactly what the cost will be. We're already talking about revenue sources and how it will look. So, I feel like we're keeping pace. I've said it before. I think our goal is to reach a framework agreement by spring, said Donna Deegan, mayor of Jacksonville in an interview with news4jax. If the city and Jaguars reach an agreement on public financing, the stadium will become the most expensive public project in the history of Jacksonville, exceeding the cost of building the Duval County courthouse, which was $350 million, by over five times.

Design of Stadium of the future© Jacksonville Jaguars

EverBank Stadium redevelopment

Regarding the renovation of the current stadium, the plan anticipates that work will begin in 2026, with a return to hosting matches at the facility in the 2028/2029 season. However, there is a chance that construction will start a year earlier, with matches played for a limited audience. Then, in 2027, the team will move to the old facility for one season before settling into the "Stadium of the Future" in 2028. The eventual location for the Jacksonville Jaguars' games during renovation of EverBank Stadium is not yet known. Mark Lamping, the club's president, assures that final decisions will be made when the construction of the new stadium becomes a reality.

Design of Stadium of the future© Jacksonville Jaguars