Switzerland: Fairytale stadium in the mountains for FC Sion?

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Miguel Ciolczyk Garcia

Switzerland: Fairytale stadium in the mountains for FC Sion? It has been known for a long time that the Sion team's stadium is far behind modern counterparts, which is why the club's president, the controversial Christian Constantin, has announced an impressive $600 million project to build a new venue and sports city. It won't be easy, however.


Valais needs a new stadium

FC Sion, the leader of the Swiss second division, plays its home matches at Stade de Tourbillon, which can host 20,000 fans. The problem is that there are only 8,000 seats, with the rest being standing areas. Commissioned in 1968, the venue underwent its biggest redevelopment in 1986 and, despite frequent minor renovations, is inevitably getting old.

The supporters' association Collectif Tourbillon and the club issued a joint statement making it clear that there is not enough infrastructure in the canton of Valais for such a large club, which is not giving up on its dreams of returning to the top seed. FC Sion is first in the league table and all indications are that they will be able to rebuild a strong position.

Design of Nouveau stade du FC Sion© Christian Constantin SA

Controversial millionaire has no intention of waiting

Club president and millionaire Christian Constantin has announced a project that he says will revolutionise the sporting facilities in the area, announcing the construction of not only a new arena, but also several smaller pitches in the city and 600 flats. Valued at the equivalent of $600 million, the plan has been published in the weekly magazine L'Illustré and is being examined by the local authorities.

Christian Constantin, who was due to bid farewell to FC Sion in 2024, does not intend to just wait for the authorities' decision, however. He has announced that if his plan or at least the project to improve the infrastructure is not accepted and implemented, the adventure in the league will not continue. He has also announced that he will remain president next season.

It is worth recalling that Christian Constantin, referred to by the press as "CC", is known for his controversial behaviour and dislikes dissent. In the past, among other things, he and Mario Ballotelli got into a fight at a carnival party and on another occasion CC beat up an ex-coach of the Switzerland national team for criticising him after a match, arguing that he had to defend himself against slander.

Design of Nouveau stade du FC Sion© Christian Constantin SA

A stadium with giant facilities (and flats)

CC dreams of an arena with a capacity of 15,000 in 'football mode' and 25,000 spectators during concerts. The planned 1,000 m2 permanent stage will be surrounded by 4,000 m2 of screens. Pitches in the area will also be built and the 600-apartment complex is expected to generate revenue on a permanent basis. The millionaire has also announced the opening of a share capital of his own company so that fans can become shareholders.

According to CC’s projections, the club could play at the new facility as early as the 2030/31 season. In the meantime, the authorities of the city and the canton of Valais are jointly analysing the project, but refuse to comment on it until the end of the year, when conclusions should be presented. We will still have to wait for the result, but even if the project is abandoned, it would be fair to say, looking at the visualisation of the mountain facility, "it was a beautiful dream".

Design of Nouveau stade du FC Sion© Christian Constantin SA