Spain: New look for Montilivi Stadium in Girona

source:; author: Michał Czarniecki

Spain: New look for Montilivi Stadium in Girona It was clear from 2018 that, once Girona FC had been granted the concession to use the stadium for the next 50 years, Estadi Montilivi would be brought up to top-flight standards. We now know what the final outcome of the metamorphosis is to be.


The complete transformation of Montilivi - from pitch to elevation

The renderings of Estadi Municipal de Montilivi published by capture most of the changes that are to take place by the 2038/39 season. Some of the work, such as the installation of a new PA system or the installation of temporary seating for fans, has already been carried out between 2018 and 2023.

Changes to the stadium's current elevation will be visible in 2028 at the latest. At that time, the construction of the permanent stands and the replacement of the asbestos roofing with a new one will start, according to the concession granted. These works, including the replacement of the turf, will cost more than €15 million.

The changes do not end there. Montilivi is to undergo a series of major redevelopments through the complete renovation of the main, north and south stands. According to available figures, the entire operation from 2028 to 2033 will require an investment of €34 million.

Possible future apperearance of Girona's stadiumPossible future appearance of Girona's stadium

Girona stadium refresh in the spirit of globalisation

The builders of the future Montivili are also to create a commercial zone, which is due to open in 2033, six years before all the work is completed. Who will pay for all this? According to Spanish sources, the city has committed Girona FC to invest approx. €200,000 a year towards the overall renovation work.

What's more, the municipality has also allowed the club to rename the stadium for commercial purposes, provided the new name includes 'Montilivi' or 'Girona'.

Girona's current stadium had its inauguration in 1970. Since then, the venue has been modified several times, mainly due to structural strength issues. The last change happened in 2022, when the capacity of the stands was restored to 13,400 after a reduction in 2019 (when the Catalan club's first team was relegated to the Segunda Division).

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