England: Busy start of 2024 at Everton Stadium despite opening date change

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Paulina Skóra

England: Busy start of 2024 at Everton Stadium despite opening date change When work began on the construction of the new stadium, there was hope that the club could move from Goodison Park as early as the start of the 2024/2025 season. Those plans have changed, but Everton are starting the year very actively. What work will be carried out in the near future?


Mid-season relocation?

When it became clear that the likely completion date was in the final weeks of 2024, a discussion took place within the club regarding the timing of the move to the new facility at Bramley-Moore Dock. Following consultation with supporters, Everton's management have decided that the first game at Everton Stadium will not take place until the start of the 2025/2026 season, so the Liverpool team will not move out of Goodison Park midway through the season, which could be problematic for both club and supporters.

"Firstly, to be absolutely clear, our decision not to move in the middle of the season is not due to a delay in construction," - interim general manager Colin Chong said. "It is a decision made by the club through a combination of commercial expertise, a comprehensive review of the logistics required, analysis of the potential impact on our football operations and, importantly, fan feedback."

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Everton's plans for 2024

The team at Bramley-Moore Dock start the year on the construction site for the last time. Project director Gareth Jacques has promised that the construction of Everton's new stadium will "finish in style", entering the final 12 months of the three-year build: "When we come back in January, we'll take some time to get the site safely back in working order, and when everything is in order we'll move into action, so stay tuned as you'll see lots of new developments and features," - Jacques said.

Going into the details of the Everton Stadium project's completion, the roof, under which 731 columns of red brick facade will cover the exterior of the building, is still taking shape. To achieve this, a total of as many as 520,000 bricks are planned to be used throughout the construction. These are to subtly reveal elements loosely related to the architecture of Archibald Leitch, for whom the old Goodison Park is one of his greatest existing works.

The entire lower tier will be covered in blue seats, identical to the 12,500 already installed on three of the four upper tiers. A mini pitch with artificial turf and pitch markings has been installed in the middle of the stadium.

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End of a 134-year history

Goodison Park was opened in 1892 and has been Everton's home ever since. Over the years, it has undergone several renovations, and its current capacity is just under 40,000 seats. The attendance record was set in 1948 when 78,299 people watched a match against Liverpool. After moving to the new facility, Goodison Park will be demolished, and residential buildings and other public facilities will be built in its place.

Everton played at Goodison Park in all but 4 of the 106 league seasons, giving the stadium the distinction of hosting more top-flight matches than any other venue in England. The construction of Everton Stadium will cost a total of £750 million. This venue will be one of the arenas for UEFA Euro 2028, which England will co-host with Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland.