Canada: Will Toronto stadium be named after Rob Ford?

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Canada: Will Toronto stadium be named after Rob Ford? On the one hand, passion for sport, and on the other, accusations of sexism, misogyny, homophobia and racism. Despite the petition against naming a stadium in Toronto after Rob Ford, will this idea go ahead?


Votes for and against naming a stadium after a politician

The topic of renaming a stadium in after the late Mayor Rob Ford has sparked considerable debate in the city. A recent motion to name the stadium after Ford was proposed by Councillor Paul Ainslie and seconded by Councillor Shelley Carroll. The motion highlights Ford's significant career in municipal politics, including his tenure as mayor, which was marked by both dedication to public service and controversy.

In turn, a petition on opposing the name change gained significant support, reaching more than 1,300 signatures against the idea. The petition argues against honoring Ford due to his record of alleged sexism, misogyny, homophobia, racism, and policies that it claims held back the city and created massive debt. On the other hand, in his appeal to the council, Ainslie wrote All of us who served with Rob Ford on the council knew that he had two passions - representing his constituents and football. Fans who also love football regularly attend stadiums not only in Toronto, but some prefer to use Rocket Play Casino, where they play casino games online.

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The decision on the renaming is set to be considered by the Toronto city council, and it requires a two-thirds vote to pass. This isn't the first time such a proposal has been made; a similar motion was rejected by the council in 2017. Mayor Olivia Chow who ran against Rob Ford's brother — now Premier Doug Ford, in the 2014 mayoral election — is to speak out in favour of the idea. Her office confirmed she will support the motion.

Toronto the place for football feast during the 2026 World Cup

Controversy aside, Canada certainly has something to look forward to, given the World Cup to come. Hosting this tournament is a major success for the country, but hosting the world's best national teams is also a major challenge. Canada is home to some remarkable stadiums, such as BC Place crammed between skyscrapers or BMO Field located on the shores of Lake Ontario. Both venues will host matches during the 2026 World Cup, providing the perfect setting. In addition, Canada is an attractive tourist destination, which will certainly contribute positively to the atmosphere of the tournament.

The World Championship matches will be played in two Canadian cities. The first is Vancouver, a city rich in culture and nature. It is well worth a visit in its entirety - from the colourful hipster haven of Main Street to the snow-capped surrounding mountains. The footballers will also be visiting Toronto. This is a city that has it all: world-class museums, soaring skyscrapers, beautiful parks and a culinary base that reflects its many cultural influences.

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