YouTube: FIFA World Cup 2034 Saudi Arabia | Potential Stadiums

source:; author: Mateusz Osmola

YouTube: FIFA World Cup 2034 Saudi Arabia | Potential Stadiums World Cup 2034 in Saudi Arabia? That's a given, but which stadiums are being considered for hosting the tournament? Check out our proposal for Saudi Arabia's bid? We also used artificial intelligence in completing the list of facilities.


The excitement surrounding the football World Cup will soon return. In 2026, the tournament will be held in three countries for the first time ever. FIFA is not stopping there, as in another four years the event will be held in three... continents. You can check out videos dedicated to these tournaments on our channel. However, in 2034, everything will return to normal and the championship will be held in just one country.

The winner of the race to host the World Cup is Saudi Arabia. It is worth mentioning that this was the only bid. There is no World Cup without stadiums, so we prepared for you a list of 10 Saudi stadiums with a little extra at the end. Join us to, as we explore stadiums of FIFA World Cup 2034 in Saudi Arabia!