USA: Florida's second largest stadium with another renovation

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USA: Florida's second largest stadium with another renovation Florida State University's ambitious $265M renovation of the iconic Doak Campbell Stadium is set to offer fans a revamped game-day experience. However, this comes with a catch: a noticeable hike in season ticket prices.


Enhanced seating, but at what cost?

Florida State University's commitment to modernizing Doak Campbell Stadium is undeniably grand. With a budget of $265M, the university plans to introduce a variety of new seating options. However, these upgrades come with a price. Season ticket holders will now have to shell out more, which includes a one-time capital gift contribution. This contribution, which is tax deductible and can be spread over three years, will be channeled directly towards the stadium's renovation fund.

The renovation, slated for completion by FSU's home opener against Alabama in 2025, is being closely overseen by the fundraising organization, Seminole Booster, Inc. The organization's representatives are actively engaging with season ticket holders based on their priority. With a commitment to meet with every donor among its 33,000 season ticket holders, FSU is ensuring that the voice of its fan base is heard. Recent surveys have shown that a whopping 91% of donors and fans are in favor of enhancing the game-day experience and improving seat comfort. Fans, eager to experience an even higher level, are also interested in sports betting in Florida.

As part of the renovation, the stadium will see a reduction in its seating capacity by nearly 10,000 from the current 79,560. This is to accommodate the new seating arrangements, which will include temporary seats on the west side, widened bleacher seats on the east, and the existing bleacher seats in the south end zone. Additionally, the west stands will see a slight price increase as they will now feature plastic chair backs. The redesign also entails removing every fourth row of bleachers in the west stands to increase spacing between and in front of seats.

Design of Doak Campbell Stadium

More than 70 years of stadium in Tallahassee

The stadium started modestly, as by 1950 other universities often already had more impressive football arenas. Florida State University first prepared 15,000 seats for its fans, but after just a decade nearly 10,000 more had arrived. From start to finish single-tier, the stands grew a dozen times over the following years, finally reaching 82,300 spectators in 2003.

Such a high capacity with only one level of spectators is impressive, although it is not what made the stadium famous. Among other legendary university football stadiums, this one stands out from the outside. This is because the magnificent stands are entirely "lined" with academic buildings and covered in red brick. Driving past in a car, you might not even realise that this huge stretch of campus is actually a stadium.

Design of Doak Campbell Stadium