Italy: New stadiums for Milan and Inter - the end of the San Siro era?

source:; author: Kuba Kowalski

Italy: New stadiums for Milan and Inter - the end of the San Siro era? After it became clear that the San Siro could not be demolished, it seemed that the Milanese teams would stay at the legendary venue. However, both Milan and Inter are planning to build new arenas. Which club will succeed in this feat sooner?


AC Milan getting closer to moving out of San Siro

In June 2023, AC Milan bought a 90% stake in SportLifeCity. At the same time, the Manica studio (the same studio that had previously worked on the rejected concept for a new stadium next to the San Siro) was engaged to work on the concept for the new stadium. On September 27, 2023, preliminary visualisations of the new venue for AC Milan were presented.

The stadium is expected to have a typical football profile and its stands will hold 70,000 spectators. According to preliminary estimates, work could begin in 2025 and the new facility would be ready for the start of the 2028/29 season. There are no details of the costs yet, but preliminary calculations say that the project will cost at least €1 billion, of which the club would like to make about ⅓ of its own contribution and cover the rest with loans.

San Sarino Stadium

Inter follow in the footsteps of the Rossoneri

Inter Milan fans also have reason to be excited. The mayor of Rozzano has announced an ambitious project to build a new stadium for the Nerazzurri team. Visualisations of this facility raise hopes of a new, independent era for the club. So it is fair to say that after years of speculation over the future of San Siro, concrete steps have finally been taken - for both Milan and Inter. A complete project will be created by April 2024, and it is also anticipated that the facility will be ready for the 2028/29 season.

The residents of Rozzano certainly also have an important say. According to the mayor, the neighbours of the future arena should not stop the process that will culminate in the construction of the stadium. "There are different positions, but I think it will be fine. They have to realise that the land is private and has building permits. The choice is not between a stadium and a greenfield site. The choice is between the stadium and other facilities. For me there is no discussion," - says the mayor of Rozzano, Giovanni Ferretti De Luca.

San Sarino Stadium

The end of the San Siro in club football?

So it appears that both Milan clubs intend to commission new stadiums at the same time. However, as it happens in life, someone is usually better and someone is worse. Although faster does not mean better, timing will play an important role in terms of the creation of these new arenas. Will we see AC Milan and Inter in their new homes as early as the 2028/29 season, as the plans assume?

Such a turn of events would result in San Siro having no place in club football. It is hard to believe that one of the most recognisable stadiums in the world would meet such a sad end. However, if the ambitious plans of the Milan teams come to fruition, San Siro will most likely have to rely on hosting national team tournaments, European cup finals or Italian national team matches.

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