Germany: Zwickau fans want to rename stadium

source:; author: Kuba Kowalski

Germany: Zwickau fans want to rename stadium Following the passing of club legend Alois Glaubitz, fervent supporters of FSV Zwickau are championing a movement to rename their home ground in his memory. Their message is clear: it's not about whether it can be done, but how it can be achieved.


The legacy of Alois Glaubitz and fans' heartfelt plea

Alois Glaubitz, who recently passed away at the age of 89, holds a revered place in the annals of FSV Zwickau's history. With a staggering 429 appearances in the DDR-Oberliga for both BSG Motor and BSG Sachsenring, Glaubitz stands as Zwickau's all-time record player. The depth of his contributions to the club and the profound impact he had on its fans is immeasurable. As the initiators of the campaign poignantly put it, capturing his significance might just be possible with "three simple symbolic words."

The campaign, aptly named “Fussball gehört den Fans” (Football belongs to the fans), has taken to social media platforms like Facebook to voice their desire. They urge the key decision-makers of the club, the city of Zwickau, and the GGZ to consider renaming the GGZ Arena to 'Alois-Glaubitz-Stadion'. Their message is clear: it's not about whether it can be done, but how it can be achieved. Fans in Germany are not only involved in events at the stadiums, but also follow football on the internet. They visit, for example, where they read football blogs and check out the best bookmakers in Germany.

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Fans' determination and upcoming tribute

The supporters' dedication to this cause is unwavering. They believe that a mere dismissal of their request as 'impossible' or 'unfeasible' is not acceptable. Drawing parallels to past achievements, they emphasize that with the right approach, even seemingly insurmountable goals, like raising 500,000 Euros, can be realized. Their message to those in power is a plea for creativity and finding solutions, underscoring Zwickau's proven ability to overcome challenges.

As a mark of respect and to bid their final goodbyes, FSV Zwickau, along with its fans, members, and sponsors, gathered at the GGZ Arena. The event, scheduled for 6 pm on September 22, saw former colleagues and club representatives sharing their last words in memory of Glaubitz. Additionally, a special corner outside the stadium, named the 'Legenden-Eck', has been set up where fans could leave flowers, candles, scarves, photos, and messages in remembrance of the club legend.

Afterwards, a large crowd (9,446 fans) gathered in the stands and the match was interesting especially after the break. However, FSV Zwickau and BSG Chemie tied 0:0. Zwickau had the likeness of the recently deceased Alois Glaubitz on their shirts.

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