EURO: Great stadiums overlooked for selection of EURO 2028 and EURO 2032 venues

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EURO: Great stadiums overlooked for selection of EURO 2028 and EURO 2032 venues A number of stadiums had a chance to host EURO 2028 and EURO 2032. Three of them were not selected, even though they stand out for their history and importance. Why? See the two English stadiums and one venue from Turkey that were left out.


Old Trafford

Old Trafford was initially included on the list in the initial bid submitted to UEFA. At the time, Manchester United announced plans for the future of Old Trafford, considering various options for redeveloping the stadium. When the initial bid was made public in November 2022, the club assumed that an upgraded stadium would be available during EURO 2028.

However, following discussions between Manchester United and the FA, the two sides came to an agreement that the stadium would be de-listed as the stadium's availability in 2028 could not be guaranteed. Plans for the redevelopment of the stadium are still pending and the whole process is on hold pending the completion of a strategic review by the club's owners, the Glazer family.

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Although Anfield is one of the largest stadiums in the UK, it will not host any matches during EURO 2028. The main reason for this is the failure to meet UEFA's pitch size requirements. In order for the stadium to host matches at the tournament, it must have standard pitch dimensions of 105m by 68m. Anfield's pitch dimensions are 101m long, which does not meet UEFA's requirements.

Although the stadium will soon become the fifth largest in England, with a capacity of more than 61,000, it was not included in the list of stadiums submitted by Great Britain and Ireland.

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Vodafone Park

The Turkish Football Federation also submitted its list of stadiums to UEFA to host EURO 2032 matches, with the TFF identifying 10 stadiums in eight cities to host matches. Vodafone Park, home of Beşiktaş, was not among these stadiums.

Some found it surprising that Vodafone Park, which is one of the best stadiums in Turkey in terms of logistics, was not included in the list of venues. It is also believed that the tension between TFF president Mehmet Büyükekşi and Beşiktaş president Ahmet Nur Çebi played a significant role in the decision.

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