Australia: WWE will return to Optus Stadium

source:; author: Mateusz Osmola

Australia: WWE will return to Optus Stadium WWE, the US wrestling promotion, will return the one of Australia's most modern stadiums. The last event of this kind took place in Australia in 2018. The next gala will be WWE Elimination Chamber and will happen in Perth in early 2024.


State-of-the-art venue in Perth

Optus Stadium, opened its doors to the public in early 2018, just as planned during construction. It immediately became a benchmark for functionality, technological advancement and urban planning. Especially the latter mattered as from the get-go it was planned as a leisure hub rather than just sports stadium. Designed with “fans-first” approach in mind, the stadium offers the best experience available at the time of predevelopment works, carried out by some of the world's leading architects and engineers.

The building has been designed with a variety of sports in mind, although the pitch has been developed primarily for Australian football and cricket. It can equally well serve athletics with a temporary treadmill, as well as football and rugby with a rectangular pitch. In all these sports, the stadium is capable of meeting the highest international standards, reaching a capacity of up to 65 000 for football and 70 000 for concerts. There is also the possibility of increasing the capacity by 10 000 in the future. Until that happens people in down under can try their luck at casinos on mobile.

Optus Stadium© Optus Stadium

The oval shape is typical of Australian stadium architecture, as are the three-tier stands. Continuous rings provide very good visibility and wide seats with cup holders provide comfort under the lightweight membrane canopy. The canopy covers around 85% of the spectators, also protecting the two huge screens resting on the top level, each covering 340 m2. 

Professional wrestling set to return to Australia

The Premium Live Event (PLE) at Optus Stadium will be organised by WWE in partnership with the Western Australian Government through Tourism Western Australia. WWE Elimination Chamber: Perth will take place on 24 February. It will be the only PLE category event in the Asia-Pacific region in 2024.

Western Australian authorities have set an initial ticket sales target of 50,000, but Optus Stadium is likely to be configured to include on-field seating, potentially resulting in a capacity of 65,000. The state is targeting between 15,000 and 20,000 fans travelling from other states and overseas.

Perth is the perfect location for a major WWE Premium Live Event in Australia, following a series of record-breaking WWE events in iconic international destinations. With a week full of WWE events and experiences, we hope to leave a lasting memory for Western Australia and the entire WWE Universe,” - said WWE senior vice-president, Chris Legentil.

Optus Stadium© Optus Stadium

The WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 gala, held at the Bell Centre in Montreal, broke multiple company records. Viewership of the event was up 54% from the previous record set in 2022. It also marked new high points for gates, merchandise and sponsorship.