Australia: Stadium in Sydney and a special tribute

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Australia: Stadium in Sydney and a special tribute Cathy Freeman, the iconic Australian athlete, is now immortalized with a stand named in her honour at Stadium Australia, Sydney Olympic Park. The decision to name the stand after Freeman was a part of a broader initiative by the NSW government.


Sydney Olympic Park celebrates Freeman with dedicated stand

23 years after lighting the Olympic flame in her emblematic fireproof bodysuit, marking the commencement of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Cathy Freeman has been celebrated with a stand named after her at Stadium Australia. This recognition not only honours her achievements as the first Aboriginal athlete to clinch an individual Olympic gold medal for Australia but also marks the first major stand in NSW to be named after a female athlete. The decision to name the stand after Freeman was a part of a broader initiative by the NSW government. They invited the public to nominate a deserving female sporting hero for this honour.

The eastern stand of Accor Stadium, now officially known as the "Cathy Freeman Stand", has witnessed Freeman's historic moments, including her lighting the Olympic flame and her triumphant win in the 400-metre final. Reflecting on the honour, Freeman expressed her deep gratitude, stating, "This stadium and Sydney Olympic Park hold a truly special place in my heart and that will never change. I hope that my story continues to inspire generations of girls and boys to chase their own dreams in sport and life." Indeed, Australian residents are taking an interest in physical activity, as shown by the increased interest in a number of sports. In addition to this, Australians look to the internet for entertainment - they use, for example, the Best Safe online casinos in Australia.

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Premier Chris Minns emphasized the significance of this gesture, noting it was "about time" the state had a stand named after a woman. He expressed his hope that future generations of young girls would look up at the Cathy Freeman Stand and be inspired to pursue their own sporting dreams. This move aligns with the state's recent efforts to celebrate women in sports, including the commissioning of a mural to commemorate the Matildas' success at the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

30 years since Australia was announced as host of the Olympic Games

After Sydney was announced as the host of the 2000 Olympic Games, the hosts set a difficult task for the team of architects: the largest stadium ever built (with a capacity of around 118,000 spectators) was to be constructed in the west of the city, which was to function optimally as an 85,000-seater after the event.

The result of the work of two renowned design studios is a distinctively shaped building, whose dominant elements are the huge (295m long) roof spans stretching from north to south. The extensive roofing helped to realise one of the best rainwater harvesting and reuse systems of its time.

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