USA: Titans appoint construction team to build new stadium

source:; author: Mateusz Osmola

USA: Titans appoint construction team to build new stadium The Titans of the NFL have announced the appointment of the Tennessee Builders Alliance (TBA) a consortium of local and national firms, to manage the construction of new venue. TBA will serve as Construction Manager at Risk on the project team, and the Metropolitan Sports Authority approved the selection on August 17.


$2.1 billion for the new NFL stadium in Nashville

The new arena for the Tennessee Titans would be built next to the franchise current home, Nissan Stadium, to the east of it, on land previously occupied by car parks. The facility would be able to hold around 60,000 football fans, almost 10,000 fewer seats than the existing stadium. Those who like sport can try their luck at, best US sports betting guide. The stadium would become the smallest venue in the NFL, although it would also be one of the most modern. 

One of the main features of the new Tennessee Stadium will be a fully enclosed roof, covering not only the stands but also the pitch. The canopy will be permanently installed (it will not be foldable) and is to be covered with a translucent ETFE material. The stands will be divided into four levels and are expected to provide very good visibility from each section. The facility is to have extensive premium seating and offer the possibility to purchase personalised seats. The stadium will also be equipped with LED screens and the pitch will have an artificial surface.

Tennessee Stadium© MANICA

The stadium is estimated to cost $2.1 billion to build, of which $840 million will be provided by the Tennessee Titans (support for this expenditure is to be provided by the NFL), $500 million will be contributed by the state of Tennessee and $760 million is to come from the metropolitan authorities. The total contribution from public finances will be $1.26 billion, which will be the largest such subsidy for the construction of an NFL stadium in history.

Tennessee Builders Alliance to be responsible for construction 

TBA is made up of construction firms including Nashville-based ICF Builders, Brentwood-based Polk & Associates, Turner Construction Company and AECOM Hunt. Together, the team has more than 55 years of experience building NFL stadiums and a long history of building iconic sports facilities. Turner and AECOM Hunt have successfully worked on 17 of the 30 recently completed NFL stadium projects.

TBA will oversee pre-construction and construction management services for the development and construction of the stadium, and will select industry contractors to work on the project. As outlined in the new stadium development agreement, the Titans are responsible for leading the tender process to select the companies that will oversee the design and construction of the stadium.

Tennessee Stadium© MANICA

Metro Nashville Council gave final approval for the stadium project in April. The plan was approved by a vote of 26-12, three weeks after the Metro Nashville Sports Authority, owner and landlord of both the current Nissan Stadium and the new Titans facility, unanimously approved the deal. A new ground lease is to be signed for 30 years.

The Sports Authority also finalised the appointment of TVS as the architect for the stadium project yesterday. First announced in May, TVS will work with the project architect, MANICA, to guide the project team through the completion of the stadium design and subsequent management of construction activities. Groundbreaking for the new stadium is expected to take place in early or mid-2024, with an opening scheduled for 2027.