New stadium: Inauguration in Hradec Králové despite problems on match day

source:; author: Kuba Kowalski

New stadium: Inauguration in Hradec Králové despite problems on match day The new stadium in Hradec Králové, located on the River Orlice, is a combination of modernity and tradition. Its construction, although not without challenges, has brought the city an arena that meets the highest UEFA standards.


Construction history

The origins of the project go back quite a long way. The construction of the new stadium in Hradec Králové dates back to early 2013. Although planning permission was granted, various obstacles delayed the project. A breakthrough came in 2021, when the contract for the construction of the new arena was signed with a consortium of Strabag, Geosan Group and D&D Elektromont.

Construction began in August 2021. Initially, the focus was on demolition and preparatory work. The actual construction started in early 2022. In the meantime, there were also changes to the project. During construction, it was decided to demolish the main grandstand facilities building and replace it with car parks. The planned capacity of the stadium was also increased to 9,300 spectators, which entailed an increase in construction costs.

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Inaugural match behind us

The stadium was inaugurated on August 5, 2023, during the 3rd round Fortuna League match between FC Hradec Králové and Dynamo České Budějovice, which ended with a score of 5:1 in favour of the hosts. Despite some adversities, such as an electricity failure and adverse weather conditions, the atmosphere during the match was electrifying.

Fans had the opportunity to see the stadium's new mascot, Mr Lízátko, and to hear new music played after a goal, chosen in a poll.

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What is the new stadium like in Hradec Králové?

The new facility was built on the site of the former stadium from the 1960s. The location of the main stand has changed and it is now on the west side. The characteristic flodlighting masts, which resemble lollipops, have been retained from the old stadium.

The arena can accommodate 9,300 spectators. The stands are single-level, fully covered and surround the pitch on all sides. The auditorium is equipped with folding seats in white and shades of grey. The stadium is located in the Malšovice district, very close to the city centre. Its vicinity includes training pitches and car parks. The facility is surrounded by a 600-metre running track for cross-country skiers.

Stadium in Hradec Kralove© Droník 74