Italy: San Siro survives!

source:; author: Kuba Kowalski

Italy: San Siro survives! The iconic San Siro is facing a turning point as plans to demolish it have been put on hold due to its cultural significance. For now, both teams, AC Milan and Inter, will continue to play at the San Siro.


San Siro's cultural significance has prevailed

San Siro, home of both AC Milan and Inter Milan, has been a symbol of Italian football for decades. Recent plans by both clubs to demolish and redevelop the venue or build a new arena have been thwarted. The second ring of the stadium is approaching its 70th year of existence, which gives it a legally protected status, preventing its demolition.

The Lombardy Regional Cultural Heritage Commission, after a thorough investigation, confirmed the cultural heritage of the second tier of the San Siro. This decision was further endorsed by the Lombardy Archival and Bibliographical Supervision, highlighting the stadium's role as a 'public archive'. In particular, the west stand of the venue is a testament to the achievements of Inter and Milan and, as the aforementioned 'public archive', is subject to legal protection.

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The clubs' plans for the future

With the demolition of the San Siro out of the question, both AC Milan and Inter Milan are now considering alternative locations for their new stadiums. Initial discussions suggest that Inter may move to Rozzano, while Milan are considering San Donato as their new home.

Initially, both clubs had hoped to build a joint stadium on the San Siro site. However, bureaucratic hurdles and the newly recognised cultural significance of the stadium changed the trajectory of their plans. For now, both teams will continue to play at the San Siro. They remain bound by lease agreements and fees to the Municipality of Milan, the stadium's owner.

San Siro has been the shared home of AC Milan and Inter Milan since 1947. Its walls have witnessed countless memorable matches, historic moments and passionate supporters of both sides. The recent changes underline the balance the authorities want to strike between cherishing the heritage and adapting to the changing needs of modern football.

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