Italy: Salernitana will have a modern house

source: Foot Italia; author: Maciek Ściłba

Italy: Salernitana will have a modern house Another Serie A club will get a modern facility. Plans for the refurbishment of its arena were unveiled by US Salernitana 1919. The team from Campania would play in the rebuilt stadium as early as December 2025.


Italians renovate stadiums

The sporting infrastructure on the Italian peninsula is gradually getting a new shine. Italy will already host the Olympic Winter Games in 2026 in Milan and Cortina d'Ampezzo. Most likely Six years after that, Italy, together with Turkey, will host Euro 2032. Although official confirmation from UEFA is still missing, it’s a formality, as this candidacy is the only one in a race for the rights to host this event. The Italians have already started drawing up plans to upgrade the facilities that will be used during this championship.

Stadio Arechi used by US Salernitana was not on the long list of arenas for the tournament. Despite this, local authorities and the club's management realise that the run-down stadium is in need of being refreshed and brought up to current standards. The plans on the table call for the structure not to undergo a light facelift, but a complete overhaul at a cost of around €95 million-100 million. This amount is precisely what is expected to make the Stadio Arechi the most modern venue in the Campania region over the next three years.

Stadio Arechi© The Ball is Round

New Salernitana's stadium to be built by the end of 2025

The most important stage of the planned work is to change the structure of the stands. Currently, all sections in this arena are two-tiered. Modernisation will make them single-level . The effect of this change will be better visibility from anywhere in the stadium, as well as making it much easier to conduct organised cheering. The capacity of the renovated Stadio Arechi is expected to be 35,000 seats. It is worth noting that the stands will receive a full canopy, which the venue currently lacks. There is speculation that the team currently led by Paulo Sousa will have to look for a temporary home for a while.

The upcoming renovation also involves the construction of eighteen SkyBoxes. The arena will become a fully energy-efficient structure, which will obtain the necessary electricity from photovoltaic panels. Such a solution is fully in line with the sustainability policy adopted by the I Granata authorities. It is worth mentioning that the new facility in Salerno will be built on the basis of an existing structure, which won’t be demolished but remodelled. A museum dedicated to the US Salernitana team will be housed under the Curva Sud. The facade of the stadium will be reshaped, giving it a futuristic feel.Stadio Arechi©