WC 2030: Spain, Portugal, Ukraine and Morocco to host the World Cup?

source: L'Equipe; author: Kuba Kowalski

WC 2030: Spain, Portugal, Ukraine and Morocco to host the World Cup? In the context of the upcoming World Cup, there have already been a lot of candidates and countries expressing their desire to host the best national teams in the world. At the same time, the organizers of the World Cup have to deal with the demand for a lot of stadiums, as up to 48 nations will take part in it. Hence the idea of an intercontinental championship.


Morocco, Ukraine, Spain and Portugal?

The newspaper L'Equipe reported on such an unusual solution. In addition to the two Eastern European countries and Ukraine, of course, if the war in that country is over by then, Morocco was mentioned - so it would be the first-ever tournament played on two separate continents. Although the candidacy looks incomprehensible, among the pros of such an idea is the fact that it would take a lot of stadiums and other infrastructure to host as many as 48 national teams.

However, would splitting the event over several countries work out well? The atmosphere surrounding the championship would then certainly suffer. Usually we had to deal with matches being played within one country, where the spirit of the World Cup could be felt. It is very possible that those days are behind us. The bids from Spain, Portugal, Ukraine and Morocco focus on environmental and human sustainability, whatever that means exactly. FIFA, meanwhile, is expected to name the host countries in September 2024.

Who will win the race to host the 2030 World Cup?

There has been talk of Italy, Arabia, or countries in the Far East, but in the end there are a few viable candidates left on the table. First, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay are calling for the tournament to return "to where soccer was born." - 100 years after the first World Cup was held in Montevideo. The atmosphere at the championship in South America would certainly not disappoint, given the vibrancy of the fans there.

Stadiums that could be considered for the 2030 World Cup have also been put forward by Spain and Portugal, with Ukraine later joining them. "This candidacy strengthens ties with Europe by giving hope and providing tools for reconstruction to the Ukrainian people, who expressed pride and gratitude for participating in this project," a statement from the Royal Spanish Football Federation read.

The African option, on the other hand, focused on Morocco, but initially there was talk that the country would present a joint candidacy with Algeria and Tunisia. For political reasons, this cooperation did not materialize. So it appears that if Spain, Portugal, Ukraine and Morocco present a joint candidacy, there will be two possible solutions left - the Intercontinental World Cup or the South American option.