Italy: What do we know about Milan's stadium future?

source:; author: Kuba Kowalski

Italy: What do we know about Milan's stadium future? The project to build a new AC Milan stadium in San Donato is definitely moving forward. The club has confirmed its desire to build the facility on a site that was identified some time ago. At the same time, the option of a joint stadium for the two Milan clubs is receding.


Utopian vision

Rozzano's mayor, Gianni Ferretti, was skeptical about the possibility of Inter or Milan building a new stadium in his town, which is located just outside Milan. Here are his words: Of course, I hope it will happen for the sake of the city, because it would have a significant impact on the economy and jobs. However, it seems like a dream to me. The area that could be considered is served by the metro and the A7 western bypass with a junction, and interventions would be needed to improve transportation and traffic. I think Milan will have a separate stadium in the future, perhaps in San Donato. We Nerazzurri fans will remain at the San Siro, perhaps sharing it with Monza.

Also, the mayor of Melegnano, another nearby town, Vito Bellomo, commented on a new stadium for AC Milan: I'm in favor of a stadium, but the infrastructure is absolutely necessary because there is unprecedented traffic here, and the Melegnano bypass is currently falling apart. That's why it's important that the S12 become a surface subway from Piacenza to Milan and that the outer western bypass (TOEM) be built to connect the A1 to the A7. As you can see, choosing the right site for a facility in Lombardy was not easy.

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AC Milan takes a step forward

According to chamber of commerce records, on June 8 AC Milan acquired SportLifeCity, the company that owns the San Francesco area. Milan has acquired 90% of the legal entity used by Cassinari for the Sportcitylife project, leaving a 10% stake to the previous owner.

Milan's plan includes more than just building a stadium. The RedBird company wants to implement the project in an American style, that is, to make the prepared area a real center bustling with life and operating 365 days a year. In addition to the facility itself, other attractions are to be built. Representatives of the parties have already analyzed the exact location of the new facility, and contacts between the club and the municipality are being maintained and will continue in the coming weeks. San Donato is an area valued primarily for its location - the club wants to build a new stadium by 2028, 2029 at the latest.

In this connection, the Milanese edition of Il Giorno interviewed Massimiliano Mistretta , councilor for public works and mobility of San Donato Milanese. Here are his words on the intentions revealed by the Rossoneri: When Milan presents the project, we will evaluate it. But of course the club will have to give a series of answers. There is no project yet and we don't have visuals. For the time being, we are in unofficial talks with some representatives of the technical departments. When the meeting took place, we were shown some photos, some hypotheses about the stadium. So it seems that the existence of the San Siro in its current form is getting further and further away.

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