Germany: Modernizations at Allianz Arena ahead of the EURO 2024

source:; author: Kuba Kowalski

Germany: Modernizations at Allianz Arena ahead of the EURO 2024 Preparations for the new season have already begun at Bayern's facility. The summer break has once again been used to carry out modernization work, but this time it has to do with upcoming events.


Hybrid turf and changes to the stands

It's a carpet that already contains synthetic fibers. In between is seeded natural grass, which combines the advantages of natural turf with the quality of hybrid turf. It will be even more even and therefore very easy to play on, explained Jürgen Muth, managing director of Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH.

The Nordkurve corners will be converted to standing-only sections in the new season, while the middle blocks will be converted to seating-only sections. With further maintenance and repairs, Bayern's team area will also be expanded. The stadium's total capacity, meanwhile, will remain at 75,000 spectators.

Allianz Arena© Allianz Arena / B. Ducke

Upcoming events in Munich

Until the start of the new season, the Allianz Arena will continue to be consistently upgraded to remain a venue of the same high standard, including in light of the 2024 European Championship in Germany and the 2025 Champions League final in Munich. Our ambition is to constantly set new standards. We like to be first, we have the best possible supporters and partners in the club and its sponsors, - Muth said.

Due to the postponement and relocation of the 2020 final due to the pandemic, the scheduled hosts of the next finals were postponed by a year, and the Allianz Arena in Munich was assigned to the 2023 final. When the 2021 final, which was to be played in Istanbul, also had to be relocated due to the pandemic, the 2023 final was assigned to the Turks. Munich will therefore host the 2025 final.

EURO 2024, on the other hand, will be held at a total of 10 German venues in 10 different cities. Despite its capacity of 75,000 fans, the Allianz Arena will most likely hold 67,000 spectators during the tournament. The Olympic Stadium in Berlin, then, will be the one with the largest capacity, at 70,000 seats.

Allianz Arena© Allianz Arena / B. Ducke