England: Luton Town to receive nearly half a million pounds for stadium renovation

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Kuba Kowalski

England: Luton Town to receive nearly half a million pounds for stadium renovation Kenilworth Stadium, Luton Town's venue, was on the lips of many supporters when the small club was recently promoted to the Premier League. The main topic of consideration was that the arena did not meet several of the requirements of England's top league. It turns out that Luton Town will receive a lot of funding to make changes to their ground.


Several improvements in and around the stadium

The council has agreed to spend £400,000 on improvements to Kenilworth Road. New cameras will be installed and the steps at Beech End will be repaired. With the planned changes to the Bobbers Stand, including new entrances, it is likely that it is Beech Road that will be used more extensively, so the stairs need to be rebuilt and widened at an estimated total cost of £70,000.

The local authority has agreed to repair works around Kenilworth Road at a cost of up to £400,000 to support the Hatters' return to the top flight. The expenditure is to be met from Luton Borough Council's Major Projects Reserve Fund and includes some statutory tasks. Adequate CCTV coverage is also needed for the area around the stadium. This zone is currently under review as it requires the extension of the main routes from Luton railway station to Kenilworth Road. All the work needs to be completed before the new Premier League season, which starts on August 12.

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What does the future hold for Luton Town?

All the indications are that there are only a few seasons ahead for Kenilworth Stadium. The local stadium, surrounded by cramped residential streets, is situated on the edge of the town centre. While Luton Town has never been one of England's biggest clubs, it has gained immeasurably at this address, achieving, for example, an average attendance of more than 25,000 people per game.

Since promotion to the Premier League, however, Luton Town supporters have been right to look forward to a new ground. Groundworks for the future stadium are expected to start at the turn of this year, with the construction period for the stadium itself estimated to be around 24-30 months. The aim is to complete construction in 2026, regardless of the team's future moves. The stadium is to be accompanied by a whole new Luton town district with 1,200 homes, entertainment, restaurants, bars, retail and community spaces.

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