USA: Renovation of an important part of Gillette Stadium

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USA: Renovation of an important part of Gillette Stadium The great American facility is now more than 20 years old. This Memorial Day, May 29, when the nation honours and memorialises US servicemen and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving their country, the Gillette Stadium Authority has announced a new and improved Row of Honour.


Million-dollar renovations

Gillette Stadium's officials announced a new and improved Row of Honour and a commitment to continue the tradition of recognising active military at all games at the facility in the coming years. This year, the Row of Honour will be expanded, equipped with a new digital video board and will be activated during all ticketed events at the stadium. They are of great interest and fans are also curious about NFL odds.

Construction is expected to be completed in time for the 2023 NFL season. The renovations are part of $250m worth of improvements to the north side of the stadium, marking the most significant upgrades made to the arena since it opened in 2002. The redevelopment also includes a completely redesigned Enel Plaza with a grand staircase leading into the arena, a new and improved 22-storey lighthouse with a 360-degree observation deck, the nation's largest curved outdoor video board, and new and upgraded seating, restrooms and other fan conveniences.


Row of Honor

Continuing the tradition of the Row of Honour

The Row of Honour will be located in the centre of the north side of the stadium, directly under the new 22-storey lighthouse. Service members invited to sit in the Row of Honour will again be recognised and introduced to the crowd during New England Patriots and New England Revolution games.

The Row of Honour will now consist of eight red seats permanently placed next to the POW seat. In 2012, Gillette Stadium became the first major professional sports venue to leave seats permanently unoccupied in recognition of the many soldiers. During the renovation, the current prisoner of war site will be temporarily relocated to the south end of the stadium to section 120, row 36, opposite the future Row of Honour.

A new five-foot-tall, 30-foot-wide LED panel changes the previously static Row of Honour signage to a digital display that allows for videos, names of current soldiers, logos of each military branch and customisation of the screen during games and events. Once construction and upgrades are complete, the Kraft family will welcome soldiers to the stadium to celebrate the opening of the new Row of Honor and rededicate the POW seats in an on-field ceremony with members of several military units in attendance.

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