England: Football matches are set to return to Gigg Lane

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Mateusz Osmola

England: Football matches are set to return to Gigg Lane Gigg Lane is the former home venue of Bury FC. The arena has not hosted games since the club was expelled from the English Football League in 2019. But there is good news for football fans in Bury as league games will return to the distinguished stadium from next season.


Football will return to Gigg Lane

Gigg Lane has served as the home arena for Bury FC since its opening way back in 1885. The Shakers have been the hosts there from the very first game. The 12.000-seater has not hosted any matches since the club's removal from the English Football League (EFL) in 2019. 

Following Bury FC's expulsion, the fans formed a phoenix club called Bury AFC. The new entity played its matches at Stainton Park in nearby Radcliffe. In early May, however, members of Bury FC Supporters Society and Bury AFC's Shaker Community Society voted in favour of making Gigg Lane the home of the phoenix club. The motion was approved by 97% of the vote, with 1116 in favour, 34 against and 9 abstentions. The proposal to adopt Bury Football Club as the new name of Bury AFC was also approved by 92% of voters, while the merger of the two supporters' groups was approved by 97% of them.

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In February 2022 Bury FC Supporters Society and Est. 1885 completed a deal to buy Gigg Lane from club administrator Steven Wiseglass. The group has also acquired the trading name, history and memorabilia of Bury FC. A statement was realised after the voting, in which we read: Bury Football Club Supporters Society would like to thank all fans who voted on the future of your club. A fan-owned club is nothing without its loyal fans, you are all valued and have a part to play.

Gigg Lane with support from local authorities 

Councillors of Bury welcomed the news of the merger, which they deemed a "tremendous result” for the community. Councillor Eamonn O'Brien said: Bringing together the football fan base in Bury, united behind one team, was always going to be the most sensible and sustainable way forward to guarantee the future of the stadium as a footballing venue and a community asset.

Some renovations might be expected in Gigg Lane now that Bury are back home, these won’t be big revamps or changes, for example a casino like it was meant for Santiago Bernabeu before the project was scrapped in 2021. The local authorities promised that the they would donate £450,000 towards the community stadium proposal, subject to a merger and a viable business case supporting Gigg Lane.  

The politicians are looking forward to work closely with the new club to maximise the benefits to the local community and secure the future for Bury FC that will also bring significant benefits to the local economy. The Shakers play in the Premier Division North West Counties League, the ninth tier of English football.

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