YouTube: World Stadiums Under Construction (March 2023)

source:; author: Kuba Kowalski

YouTube: World Stadiums Under Construction (March 2023) Every month we are witnesses of many changes which are visible at the construction sites around the stadiums' world. This time, also, we are ready to present you arenas which are being built. Are you curious about the progress at Bernabeu, MRV Arena and more?


Every week we visit stadiums all over the world, and this is the same this time. The most famous stadium constructions and the work that is going on in less recognizable places. That's what you'll see in this video, covering progress at the world's arenas.

There's a lot going on there everywhere and fans can't wait to see the results. So take a look with us at construction sites, starting in Brazil, flying through Europe and Africa, and ending in Asia, setting the lead in modern construction. For more stadium content which awaits you every week subscribe the YouTube channel and don’t forget about leaving a comment below! Which stadium would you like to see completed?