Stadium of the Year 2022: Discover Kuishan Sports Center Stadium

source:; author: Kuba Kowalski

Stadium of the Year 2022: Discover Kuishan Sports Center Stadium Our Stadium of the Year competition has officially begun and will run until 15 March. As many as 36 venues are on the list of nominated arenas this year. One of them is Kuishan Sports Center Stadium located in China. Take a look at this candidacy and decide whether you want to vote for it in the contest for Stadium of the Year 2022!


Kuishan Sports Center Stadium nominated for Stadium of the Year 2022!

Residents of China are proud of their new venue, Kuishan Sports Center Stadium, which made it to the list of 36 football arenas nominated for the prestigious Stadium of the Year 2022 award. The competition is the largest public vote of its kind in the world. Since the first edition began, a total of more than 400,000 valid votes have been counted.

This year’s contest is highly varied, with stadiums from as many as five different continents taking part: 18 venues are from Asia, seven from Europe, five from Africa, three from North America, two from South America and one from Australia and Oceania. The competition is fierce, so don't hesitate to cast a vote for the stadium you appreciate the most! If you’re still unsure, you can watch a video covering all 36 nominated stadiums:

Get to know Kuishan Sports Center Stadium

Last year a stadium was completed. Here are some interesting facts about the venue: 

  • On August 25, 2022, the stadium hosted the opening ceremony of the main competition of the 25th Shandong Provincial Games. 

  • The Games featured competitions in 31 sports, with a record 17,000 athletes participating.

  • The stands are fully covered by a tendon-membrane corrugated roof, which is the most distinctive feature of the stadium.

  • Under the roof, floodlights have been placed, as the city's name Rizhao means sunlight in Chinese.

  • There are plenty of sunny references in the stadium - the color scheme of the seats is meant to evoke the sunrise, and the radial arrangement of folds in the canopy can resemble spreading sunrays.

How to vote for the Stadium of the Year 2022?

In order to take part, everyone has to select five stadiums by giving 5 stars to the best one, 4 stars to the second best, 3 stars to the third, 2 stars for the fourth and finally 1 star for the fifth most interesting. It means that you cannot cast your vote for only one stadium - all 5 venues must be included in your form. To vote visit Stadium of the Year 2022, the voting platform which will be open until March 15. To learn more about the nominated stadiums and the voting rules themselves, it is recommended to watch the video: