Italy: We don't want pee on our walls - Milan stadium saga

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Italy: We don't want pee on our walls - Milan stadium saga Surprisingly good results of Italian clubs in European cups - a comeback to the highest level or an anomaly? However Milan and Inter's Champions League adventure ends, the aspirations of these two teams reach beyond the pitch. The stadium saga with them in the starring roles continues.


Calcio is waking up?

AC Milan and Inter Milan are among the best eight teams in the Champions League for the 2022/2023 season, which is electrifying the entire soccer world. In addition to the two clubs from the city of fashion, the Italian teams also include SSC Napoli, which rather unexpectedly but deservedly is seen as one of the favorites to win the most prestigious club football tournament.

Staying in Milan, however, priorities in the Lombardian capital, aside from the Champions League, include the San Siro. Milan President Paolo Scaroni insists that a new stadium for the Rossoneri and their city rivals Inter is a priority, especially after their achievements in Europe so far. As he says, Milan is the only city in Europe with two clubs in the quarterfinals. The current results confirm the priority of giving the teams a new stadium to continue competing on the international stage.

San Siro facade

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Milan's stadium dilemmas

Inter and Milan are working on two different designs for a new stadium, and the Rossoneri seem determined to build their own arena without Inter at the La Maura site, not too far from the current facility. Inter is still hoping that Milan will agree to build a new stadium with them at the San Siro. However, the idea of the authorities of the team, led by Stefano Pioli, to build their own arena on La Maura met with some opposition from local residents, who protested against the new facility as a three-thousand-strong crowd.

Carlo Monguzzi - leader of the Europa Verde for Milano party - voiced the opinion of some people in the area and expressed the importance of keeping the peace. For us, it is important that La Maura remains a green area. As far as we are concerned, Milan and Inter can easily go to Sesto San Giovanni or, in any case, outside of Milan: we are interested in preserving the park and our peacefulness - he said.

The politician, expressing the voice of the people, continues, The idea of having a stadium within a stone's throw from home, even closer than Meazza is already there and worries us. It's not just about the green space, it's also about our peace of mind: we would always have people around the house, for eight days a month we would be invaded by harassing fans who will pee on our walls. We don't want that to happen. Will the bold words work on the officials? How will the Milan stadium dispute end?

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