YouTube: Future Stadiums in Poland

source:; author: Kuba Kowalski

YouTube: Future Stadiums in Poland Every week we talk about great clubs, massive stadiums and projects that electrify fans of the beautiful game. So, it's high time to look deeper - at venues that are less well-known but loved by local fans. Such is the case in Poland, where several interesting projects are currently underway.


We described facilities in Qatar, USA and many, many more. A little break from massive venues will not hurt, but still an interesting content is waiting for you. Today you will find out more about Polish stadiums under construction and those which are only projected.These concepts are primarily designed to suit the fans who are actively involved in the clubs in Poland. Therefore, the compactness of these arenas may appeal to you. Some of the stadiums we are discussing are already close to completion. 

There are 12 stadiums in total, and we will dedicate a few sentences to each of them. Not every venue belongs to teams from the best Polish league - some belong to smaller clubs. Poland, however, is known for its passionate fans and their ability to energise even small stadiums. So we invite you on a short tour of the country where the editors of come from! Which stadium would you like to see in your country?