England: Economic problems changed Lincoln’s plans

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Kuba Kowlaski

England: Economic problems changed Lincoln’s plans Lincoln City FC originally hoped to create a three-tier facility including a hospitality suite at the back of Stacey West Stand, placed behind the north goal. However, following a challenging economic climate, the club was forced to admit they needed to downsize their plans at the beginning of the month.


Stadiums’ owners around the world are expanding their facilities as it becomes apparent that interest in sporting events is growing. So the infrastructure has to be upgraded  - people expect entertainment, so they also choose casino or other forms of recreation. One of the football clubs which are planning to expand the stadium is Lincoln City FC.

The team is based in the city of Lincoln, England. The club  competes in EFL League One, the third tier of the English football league system. Nicknamed the "Imps" after the legend of the Lincoln Imp, they have played at 10,120-capacity LNER Stadium since their move from John O'Gaunts in 1895

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In a statement released in November, Lincoln's board of directors, in cooperation with the Red Imps Community Trust, gave an update on the redevelopment. The club said the project presented many challenges that were "unforeseen" at the outset three years ago. Despite the challenges, the board remains dedicated to investing in the stadium and increasing its capacity, improving the fan experience and creating new facilities. Lincoln confirmed that it has applied for funding for the project.

About £1.8m has already been raised for the venture through various grant funds and support from both fans and investors, and Lincoln has opted for a two-level development. The plans involve the extension of the Stacey West Stand’s facilities. They will include a new education centre as well. The board has also applied to test safe standing in a small section of the Stacey West Stand, with the intention of installing safe standing throughout the entire stand if the trial is successful. 

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The club will also install barriers in Upper 7 of the west stand, called GBM Stand. If the investment is successful, it could expand LNER Stadium's capacity from 10,780 to 11,500. Other components of the project will involve a new water supply system to the stadium, an investment in electrical power and a new state-of-the-art irrigation system with recycling. 

The stadium does not  usually have a full house in the stands during matches, and Lincoln City's management hopes that upgrading the arena's grounds will encourage fans to gather in greater numbers. The largest crowd, more than 10,000 fans, came to the October meeting with Sheffield Wednesday.

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