England: Aston Villa among the stadium elite?

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Kuba Kowalski

England: Aston Villa among the stadium elite? Villa Park is not one of the new stadiums - it dates back to the 19th century. During its many decades of existence, the venue was used not only by the Birmingham club, but also on occasions of the World Cup and UEFA Euro. It is very possible that the not-too-distant future will bring back the glory years of The Villans' stadium.


Of course, this will not be the first such upgrade at Trinity Road. The stadium has been through many renovations and has also "survived" hard times - during the Second World War it was turned into a barracks for soldiers and one of the stands was bombed. It took ten years to rebuild it, but then the situation only got better. The arena was equipped with light and partially covered. In the following decades, Villa Park hosted the best national teams of the globe and the Old Continent, and had to undergo the biggest modernisation after the Hillsborough disaster.

Plans for the upgrade, which is due to take place soon, include a brand new North Stand, as well as the redevelopment of the Trinity Stand. It is also proposed to create Villa Live, which will house a new 6,500 m² mixed-use retail facility. It currently includes a shop and security lodge. Villa Park's capacity at the moment is 42,785 seats, but after the first phase of expansion, which is expected to begin in the next few months and be completed by 2025, the maximum number of spectators is planned to increase by 7,400. The Aston Villa authorities are therefore targeting the stimulating limit of 50,000 seats.

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zmodernizowany Villa Park pełen kibiców © Aston Villa Football Club

The Premier League club wants to enlarge the capacity of the stadium to that number, hoping to be able to host European Championship or World Cup matches there in the future. Such a scenario could soon come to fruition, as Villa Park is one of 14 stadiums in the UK and Ireland bidding to host Euro 2028. In addition to the capacity change and commercial section, the expansion plans also include more than 7,000 m² of new public space surrounding the entrance from Witton Lane, which will be developed.

Once embodied, the Villa Park project will contribute an estimated £119.9m to the West Midlands economy each year. The process of constructing further elements of the stadium and the final result will also generate hundreds of jobs. In addition, there are predictions that the facility will attract 1.65 million visitors to the local area each year. Another part of the redevelopment plan is to improve the transport system. The club is working with the West Midlands Rail Executive, which has commissioned a feasibility study into the project, to identify the upgrades needed to ensure Witton Station meets the future demands of increased visitor numbers at Villa Park.

Villa Park w nocy, widok oczami przechodniów© Aston Villa Football Club