USA: The largest SoFi Stadium video screen not only for sports

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USA: The largest SoFi Stadium video screen not only for sports SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, is the most technologically advanced football venue ever built. One of its most celebrated elements is the Infinity Screen by Samsung - the screen that makes all the rest look small. The big reveal of the display was on the Super Bowl LVI on February 13, 2022.


The new stadium and screen brought luck to the LA Rams. They won the Super Bowl LVI on their field.

The Largest Screen in the History of Sports

The Infinity Screen on SoFi stadium is 37 meters (122 feet) above the field, so each fan can see everything at any moment. The oval display spans 6.5 square meters (70,000 square feet). It has roughly 80 million pixels that provide visitors with the experience they can’t get anywhere else. 

It’s better than watching the Super Bowl on TV. Infinity Screen features instant replays with close-ups, shares game stats, and keeps the audience updated. All of that - in end-to-end 4K resolution. And thanks to its unique shape and enormous size, the display is longer and wider than the field.

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SoFi Stadium© Samsung

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Why is SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California Special

The stadium in Inglewood, California, has a capacity of 70.240, but that puts it in 11th place in the NFL league (looking at the number of seats alone). Looking at anything else, SoFi is special. It’s a remarkable facility reportedly worth $5 billion.

The 6 to 12 m (20 to 40 feet) high screen weighs over 997 tons (2.2 million pounds) and anchors the stadium canopy because the roof doesn’t touch the walls. The field is more than 30 meters (100 feet) below ground because the venue is less than 2.5 miles from the Los Angeles International Airport, which required compromises. Yet HKS designed a perfect facility for sports and other events.

SoFi Stadium© SoFi Stadium / Vantage Point Global, Inc

The regular stadium has 70.240 seats, expandable by 30.000 more for events such as concerts. There’s also an indoor live event venue with 6.000 seats. And a covered plaza of 1 hectare (2.5 acres) is also available for various occasions.

Non-Sport Events on SoFi Stadium Through the Year

The biggest experience held at the SoFi Stadium up to this point is Super Bowl LVI. But, as mentioned, SoFi is more than a sports arena. It will host numerous events outside NFL and even sports.

The Weekend will have 2 concerts there later this year, WrestleMania will also visit SoFi, and Ed Sheeran announced a gig there too. The stadium will surely be the new favorite place for mega-stars to hold their events. One of the reasons must be that SoFi is the largest and most technologically advanced venue in the NFL.

SoFi Stadium© Kevin C. Korczyk, AECOM

But the crowning of that mesmerizing stadium will happen in 2028.

SoFi Stadium Will Become an Olympic Stadium

Los Angeles will host the Summer Olympic Games in 2028. For the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, that’s not a big deal. The iconic venue hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in 1932. And then again in 1984.

During the 2028 competition, SoFi will probably have a lead role because of all the technological wonders it packs and its sheer size. That might be a massive moment in the history of Los Angeles because one famous stadium will pass the torch to the next generation.