Qatar 2022: What would we do without the Japanese?

source:; author: Robert Saganowski

Qatar 2022: What would we do without the Japanese? Dirty money, top-level matches and broadcast to almost every corner of the globe. The World Cup in Qatar has many faces, but the most heartwarming scenes involve small gestures. Sometimes not even that small, as the Japanese fans cleaned up the entire stadium after their victory against Germany.


This is certainly not news to many, as the visitors from the 'Land of the Rising Sun' have behaved in a similar manner at every tournament. However, it is a real challenge to keep a cool head after a victory like the one against Germany (2:1). The Japanese, thanks to goals by Ritsu Doan and Takuma Asano, turned the game around in the second half against "Die Mannschaft'' and were able to enjoy a valuable three points in the end. The team's great performance on the pitch was also completed by the fans in the stands.

Japanese fans© Go Qatar 2022

Once the emotions had calmed down, the 'Samurai' fans, who had gathered in large numbers at Khalifa International Stadium that afternoon, began the process of clearing the venue of rubbish. It should be remembered that this is the only stadium in Qatar that was not built from scratch for the World Cup. Noble behaviour, which nobody forced the Japanese to do, is already a kind of tradition. Importantly, it was not individuals but whole crowds of people who, somehow, freed the Qataris from their duties.

The players also followed in the footsteps of their fans. The whole squad left the locker room in perfect condition before departing the stadium. In all the gloom and controversy surrounding the World Cup, gestures such as this are certainly praiseworthy. It can be expected that both fans and footballers will also behave in a similar manner after the next games are over. Hajime Moriyasu and Co. will play against Costa Rica at Ahmad bin Ali Stadium on November 27, before returning to Khalifa International Stadium to take on Spain four days later.

Photos following the match have already circulated on social media, and although they have registered record-breaking views and likes, the Japanese are primarily interested in the fact that they have fulfilled their stadium 'duty'. FIFA itself has also joined in on Twitter to say “thank you”. Given all these circumstances, we have to ask ourselves an important question. What would we do without the good-natured and selfless samurai?

Japanese players© FIFA