England: News from the construction of Everton Stadium

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Mateusz Osmola

England: News from the construction of Everton Stadium Development of a new stadium for Everton F.C. began a year ago. To mark the occasion, the club unveiled the venue's logo and launched a website dedicated to the arena at Bramley-Moore Dock. Meanwhile, work is progressing smoothly and the structure is rapidly expanding.


Everton Stadium, as the facility under construction on Liverpool's waterfront is now officially called, is set to bring the deserving club from the city of The Beatles into the 21st century. With all due respect to the distinguished Goodison Park, but if ‘the Toffees' wanted to grow, they had to make the decision to move out of their now vintage stadium.

The idea to build a new arena on the site of the historic docks did not sit well with everyone. In particular, the decision-makers at UNESCO, who removed the historic docks from the World Heritage list. In Liverpool, they were not bothered and continued preparations for the development.

Everton Stadium© Everton FCPattern Design

The operation to backfill the dock began last August and now Everton decided to celebrate the first anniversary of the commencement of work on the new stadium. To mark the first birthday, the club unveiled a logo for the facility, symbolically linking the historic dock with the modern architecture of the emerging arena. In addition, a website dedicated to the entire stadium project has been launched. Interested parties will find there the latest information on the progress of the works, blogs, videos as well as animations and photos.

The launch of the website was also accompanied by the creation of dedicated profiles on Instagram and Twitter. The club has started publishing a newsletter too, which will deliver monthly updates about Everton Stadium to subscribers' inboxes. The site also saw the first news regarding 'ALL'. The project involves a revolutionary approach to the hospitality offering available at the new venue. 'ALL' will provide a wide range of spaces for fans to enjoy on match days. Everton Stadium will feature high-end restaurants, street-food, sports bars and traditional pubs.

Everton Stadium© Mister Drone UK

Construction of the nearly 53,000-seater on Liverpool's waterfront is scheduled to be completed before the start of the 2024/25 season, and is currently estimated to be one-third complete. The facility is clearly on its way up. The first prefabricated, terracing units have already been placed on the steel structure supporting the auditorium. This represents a significant visual change, as the interior of the stadium begins to take substantial shape. The process of installing the upper level of the terracing is expected to be completed within six months. The exception is the east stand, which serves as the entrance to the site and will be completed last.

The lower level of the stands will only be commissioned after the roof installation. The canopy plating will consist of large steel elements and aluminium cladding, manufactured in segments and requiring installation in a specific order, starting with the north and south stands. The first sections of the roof will begin to be installed next spring. The east and west stands consist mainly of concrete, thus providing stability for the entire operation. As a result, they will take longer to complete than the other stands.

Everton Stadium© Mister Drone UK

It is also necessary to install all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems inside the stadium, which will mean that in a year or so, looking from the outside, not much will be happening on the site, as most of the work will be carried out inside. The brick façade will probably start to be erected later this year in various parts. How much does a football stadium cost to build? In this case, the price of the entire development is set to close on £500 million.

We have posted footage of Everton's new stadium on our YouTube channel. We strongly recommend you to watch it!