Brazil: An innovation centre opened at Estádio do Morumbi

source:; author: Rafał Dadura

Brazil: An innovation centre opened at Estádio do Morumbi Earlier this year the home stadium of São Paulo FC entered a three-year sponsorship deal with cryptocurrency platform Bitso. Now, another tech initiative is going to prosper at the venue. The innovation centre called “Inova.São” has just been inaugurated there.


Football traditions meet technological innovations

Estádio do Morumbi like many other stadiums in Brazil has seen many sparks of genius and innovations on the pitch that were examples of footballing love that this nation has. Now, in cooperation with The School of Physical Education at University of São Paulo and with social and cultural organisation IDBrasil, an initiative that will focus on startups that can develop and implement innovative solutions will hopefully produce technological innovations. São Paulo FC hopes that it can increase the club’s revenue and improve overall sporting competitiveness.

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Sport and technology have been merging for decades now leading to progress and new solutions in many areas. One such example is Deutsche online slots. Estádio do Morumbi will have a dedicated area overlooking the pitch, where Inova.São ideas will flourish. It’s supposed to function as a coworking space, giving various startups and developers options to work together and exchange ideas.

Strategic partnerships to attract investment

The innovation hub Inova.São will be operated by Sportheca and Deboo. All of it is possible because of strategic partnerships São Paulo has sealed with the startup hub for the sports market and Web3 specialist, respectively. São Paulo aims to attract investment of up to R$6m (€1.09m) over the period of the first three years of operation. That is supposed to cover the costs of the project without requiring it to provide an initial financial contribution.

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As one of the project’s volunteer consultant, involved with the club’s innovation department, Wladimir Castro said: The design of the project and the definition of partners to enable the operation of Inova.São… have been worked on by the São Paulo Innovation Board since it was created by president Julio Casares, in July 2021.