Milan: Breakthrough on the new stadium nearing?

source:; author: Rafał Dadura

Milan: Breakthrough on the new stadium nearing? The chances are growing that a new stadium for AC Milan, will be built in the town of Sesto San Giovanni. Its mayor has declared that the plan to build a new facility there has his full support. The project is to be designed by world-renowned architect Sir Norman Foster, who’s portfolio includes the new Wembley Stadium.


Will the current Plan B become a reality?

A lot indicates that things have moved forward in terms of San Siro succesor. Redbird - the company that owns AC Milan - has backed a project to build a new venue in Sesto San Giovanni on the outskirts of the city, which would be constructed on the site of a former steelworks. As reported by Italian daily Corriere della Sera, if the new stadium is built there, it would be owned exclusively by the Rossoneri

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (Stadio San Siro)© Дмитрий Кошелев

Until now the idea of building the stadium in Sesto San Giovanni was treated as "Plan B". Now, however, such a solution is beginning to be treated as the most likely one. Much credit for this goes to the mayor of the town, Roberto Di Stefano, who’s doing everything he can to convince AC Milan to build their new home right there.

According to him, Sesto San Giovanni has all the advantages: it’s within the Milan metro-train system, there is also a train station that will soon be modernised, the Turin-Trieste highway runs nearby, and the main airport serving Milan, Linate, is only a quarter of an hour away. 

AC Milan… out of Milan?

In favour of the new AC Milan stadium location is also the fact that Redbird and Hines - the development group that controls the area of potential construction, have already begun talks. Both of these companies are American owned, which is another factor here.

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (Stadio San Siro)© D7ckon

Officials of Italy's most successful club seem to be tired of the delays from the Milanese authorities. The piling up of bureaucratic difficulties and the long waiting time for any concrete action on their part certainly don’t contribute to making AC Milan stay in its current location. 

Norman Foster's project envisages the construction of a new stadium that would accommodate between 60,000 and 70,000 spectators. In the construction process, the sustainable development of the area would be crucial. The facility would be integrated with the surrounding park of 24 hectares and, as all modern arenas of this type, it would offer attractions for fans of all ages, seven days a week. 

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (Stadio San Siro)© Prelvini

For the time being, however, the Milan municipal authorities are not laying down their arms. The dialogue with the two Milan clubs is ongoing. A coordinator for the public debate has already been appointed, and AC Milan and Inter are waiting for the outline of the project. However, the plan to hold two referendums on the preservation of the San Siro, even in the event of both clubs moving out, has been suspended.