USA: Snapdragon Stadium nears completion

source:; author: Rafał Zagrobelny

USA: Snapdragon Stadium nears completion San Diego Aztecs have been homeless for three years. But on September 3, the wandering will end. That's when their brand-new home will be inaugurated. Construction of the arena is entering a final phase, and the college club is selling more and more passes.


The Aztecs have not played in San Diego since 2019. Due to a pandemic, U.S. stadiums were closed in 2020. That's when the university decided to rush the demolition of 70,000-seat San Diego Stadium and jump-start construction of the new venue.

The remains of the historic arena were used as the foundation for its successor, Snapdragon Stadium. Nearly 90% of the materials were recycled - 125,000 cubic yards of concrete and 2 million square feet of asphalt. Work on the new venue began very quickly and once the steel skeleton of the future auditorium began arriving on site, progress has been very fast.

Snapdragon Stadium© Kevin J Munster

Right now the general shape of the stadium is complete, together with the stands, including the main one located on the west side of the venue. We can see all three levels, which are separated by two strips of premium seating and a terrace. And you can tell that it will be one of the best college football stadiums in the US, allowing you to experience emotions similar to those of playing the exciting Freispiele ohne Einzahlung.

Snapdragon Stadium© Kevin J Munster

A layer of sand has been spread across the stadium field, though more preparation work is needed before grass will go down. Sod is not expected earlier than in May. The northwest video board (26 feet by 50 feet) has been completed and work is now underway on the larger southeast video board (42 feet by 73 feet). Seating should be completed by the end of April.

In recent days the construction site was visited by San Diego football players and - as they were saying to the media - the biggest positive takeaway in their opinion is the proximity of the playing surface to the seating. The footballers were also guided to The Sycuan Piers, a signature feature of the new facility. It is a three-level standing area in the southwest corner.

Snapdragon Stadium© SDSU

The cost of building the 35,000-seat venue is expected to be $310 million. There will be the fan store in the southeast corner of the arena and the north stands will have seating and safe standing rails. The layout of the auditorium allows for a roof to be built over the west and east stands in the future. If the facility eventually be used by an NFL team, it is also possible to expand the stadium to the required 65,000 seats

The stadium will be smaller than its predecessor, but much more modern. However, there is one detail that makes some people start to miss the previous arena. It turns out that it will probably not be possible to hold the iconic postgame fireworks and music show at the new venue. The KGB SkyShow will be impossible to run because of smaller parking spaces than before.

Snapdragon Stadium© SDSU

Until now the Aztecs have sold 11,500 season tickets with a goal of 18,000. The stadium is set to open on September 3 with the San Diego State Aztecs football season-opener against the University of Arizona Wildcats.