Netherlands: Feyenoord to decide on stadium in April

source:; author: Tomasz Sobura

Netherlands: Feyenoord to decide on stadium in April Plans to build a new ground for the Rotterdam side have slowed down. In April, Feyenoord is to unveil its intentions. We find out if the club wants to create something new or revamp the old venue.


The project, called Feyenoord City, aims to revive the city's waterfront. The construction of a stadium is planned at its heart. According to the assumptions from 2016, the works were to start in 2018 and last four years. So, in theory, we should see their final phase right now. Unfortunately, the 63,000-seat arena is far from complete. What is more, even the symbolic groundbreaking has not yet happened.

Feyenoord players are doing much better this season than their officials who are not moving forward with the stadium plans. The team has a real chance to play in the Champions League next season. This can be clearly seen on soccer bet online, where odds on Feyenoord games often show the Rotterdam side as the favourite.

Feyenoord City, Rotterdam© OMA

The current state of work on the new stadium looks much worse than the sports results. Last November, it was revealed that the projected cost of the arena would exceed €500 million. This is a significant increase over the estimate not so long ago. The previous assessment assumed an investment worth €441 million.

The club has a huge problem with finding investors willing to spend such a sum. Feyenoord also cannot count on great help from the city. If the council contributes to the creation of the facility, it will be a maximum of tens of millions. The lack of progress on the stadium was one of the reasons for the departure of the club's CEO Mark Koevermans. What is worse, the potential contractor considers withdrawing from the project for fear of not meeting its tight budget.

If the vision of the stadium is not materialised, it will be a massive complication for Rotterdam. This may lead to the abandonment of thorough plans for the revitalisation of the entire district. There are also proposals to build a housing estate as an alternative.

However, Feyenoord is not giving up and is doing whatever it takes to get the stadium built. This is essential for the club's financial and sporting future. Only having a modern ground will allow the 'Pride of South' to compete with Ajax and PSV.

Feyenoord City, Rotterdam

Therefore, the management board commissioned a group of experts to analyse the three variants. Two of them relate to the modernisation of the present stadium, and one focuses on the construction of a completely new arena.

The feasibility of each option will be based on an assessment of around 20 parametres. Among them, the most important are construction costs, benefits for the club's budget and the financial possibilities of Feyenoord.

The report also takes into account the expectations of fans, local entrepreneurs and authorities. The document is to be ready in April and then Feyenoord officials decide on the course of action. There are also many opponents of the stadium construction who want to challenge the spatial plan for the area. They have already taken legal steps in this direction. The expert group must also take their views into consideration.