Oregon: Old grandstand was knocked down at Reser Stadium

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Tomasz Sobura

Oregon: Old grandstand was knocked down at Reser Stadium The demolition of a worn-out grandstand paves the way for the upgrade of the venue where the Oregon State Beavers play on a daily basis. A new structure will be built on the west side and the total value of the redevelopment project amounts to $153 million


The west stand was demolished by implosion on January 7. This was necessary as no further renovations were possible and the football club needed a more functional space for the public. The western part of the arena underwent a major revamp in 1987-1991, when a roof, VIP boxes, press zones and an extensive infrastructure for spectators were created. Unfortunately, little has happened since then in terms of modernization.

The venue that belongs to the University of Oregon underwent the biggest changes in 2005, when the east stand was built with extensive spectator facilities. However, there is no room for bingo salons at the stadium as Oregon law does not allow these types of games. These days a lot of the best online casinos offer Bingo as a live game, take a advantage of the huge bonuses and start playing today.

Reser Stadium, Corvallis© Anthony Sheler

Major renovation works at Reser Stadium will begin as soon as the site is cleared of the remains of the west stand. The cleanup process began minutes after dust settled and will continue for several weeks. It includes separating material that goes to local scrap yards and recycling facilities.

Preparatory work for a controlled explosion in which 200 pounds of explosives was used was carried out for several months. The process was supervised from start to finish by Dykon Blasting Corp., which performs 15 such demolitions per year. The aforementioned entity obtained all necessary approvals from the City of Corvallis and Benton County. City and district police as well as fire brigades secured the area throughout the morning of January 7th.

The aim of the upgrade is primarily to improve the comfort of fans. The stadium's capacity will drop from the recent 43,363 to 34,000-39,000 upon completion. The Beavers will be able to play their home games at Reser Stadium while the works are underway, but there will only be 26,000 seats available to supporters. The team has seven home games scheduled for the 2022 season.

Of the $153 million allocated to the project, a significant portion of this amount came from donors who made substantial contributions. One of them, who wants to remain anonymous, donated as much as $50 million. In total, philanthropists have contributed just over $90 million.

Reser Stadium, Corvallis© Oregon State University, Populous

The rest of the funds necessary to finance the construction came from the sale of premium seats in the stadium, the rental of commercial space and from the future revenues generated by newly built facilities. It is worth emphasizing that the Oregon State Beavers managed to collect the amount needed without asking local authorities for funding from the taxpayers' pockets.

The initial schedule for the stadium redevelopment was approved at the beginning of last year and assumed the works would start immediately after the end of the 2021 football season, with a completion date scheduled for late spring 2023.

Following the upgrade, the west side of the stadium will feature a 360-degree concourse, premium and general-purpose seating in close proximity to the pitch. In addition, there will be a welcome center for students and their families, a wellness clinic for students, OSU staff and members of the local community.