Nashville: Major investment with the stadium at the heart of the action

source:; author: Rafał Zagrobelny

Nashville: Major investment with the stadium at the heart of the action Another American stadium colossus is about to undergo a major renovation. This time it is Nissan Stadium in Nashville where the Tennessee Titans play their home games. It is also a possible arena for the World Cup, which in 2026 will be held in the USA, Canada and Mexico.


The venue is to go through an extensive modernisation. Perhaps a special area will be created at the stadium in which fans will be able to bet on the results of matches. After many years of fighting gambling, the NFL eased its rules a bit in 2020. For now, betting lounges are the maximum agreed by the league authorities. If fans want to play slots, they can consider entering the website where can be found best slot sites uk for winning.

But let's go back to the stadium itself. Plans include $600 million to upgrade the 23-year-old venue over three seasons. "Every corner of the 1990s-era stadium is in play," said Titans President Burke Nihill. But it's well known that the renovation of the stadium is only part of a large-scale investment that includes a new neighborhood and entertainment district with new transit connections, parks and other facilities.

Nissan Stadium, Nashville© Steven Tilton

Nissan Stadium in Nashville was supposed to be renovated earlier, but recent plans were thwarted by the city's budget deficit and the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. It's worth remembering that half of the cost ($144 million) of building the stadium was covered by Nashville taxpayers. According to the original agreement, the local government was to use its budget to make sure the arena was repaired and improved on a daily basis.

Now there is a new agreement under which the burden of maintaining the stadium will be relieved from taxpayers. The money for the ongoing work will come from people investing in housing and entertainment infrastructure on the huge plot of land around the stadium. A 130-acre stretch of urban riverside will become a new tax district, redirecting lucrative future sales tax payments to the maintenance and modernization of the arena.

Nissan Stadium, Nashville© nadine3112

Metro Sports Authority, the stadium's operator, may issue $300 million in bonds that will be repaid with local and state taxes from the district. The Titans will contribute another $300 million along with other private entities having their businesses in the neighborhood. There should be no problem finding companies that will decide to invest, as the region has been named by PwC with the prestigious title of "the best US investment area in 2022".

Design plans for the district and the Titans stadium include, among other things, a variety of lounge experiences and infrastructure improvements throughout the venue. Moreover, the project envisages technical solutions to easily adapt the stadium for concerts and other music events. A large plot of land for parks and walking paths is also planned, as well as an active river bank with marinas, restaurants and canoeing reservoirs.

A new lease between the Titans and Metro Sports Authority is expected to be finalized in the next few months.