Netherlands: Twente to consider safe standing for Vak-P

source: [MK]; author: michał

Netherlands: Twente to consider safe standing for Vak-P FC Twente announced an analysis into the potential of installing safe standing sections at De Grolsch Veste. This would make a long-standing dream of fans come true.


During a recent meeting with supporters, chairman Paul van der Kraan discussed, among other issues, that of safe standing at De Grolsch Veste, known by many fans as Epi Drost Stadion.

Earlier this week we discussed this with a number of supporters, said the chairman. They spoke to us about this with the question: is this a possibility?

An appointment has been made in a few months' time to see what the possibilities are, how many places it concerns and how we want to divide it, Van der Kraan said. With places that you may have to convert again, that is difficult. You have to see that you do that as functionally as possible.

De Grolsch Veste, sektor Vak-P© Patrick Hendriksen

If we go for this, there is of course also a financial challenge because it doesn’t happen just like that. But I do think that we should first investigate it seriously and then see whether it can be realised, he concluded.

The conversion asked by fans would see the lower end behind northern goal changed from regular seating into rail seats. This is where most vocal fans of Vak-P stand during games. And the historical Vak-P of Het Diekman Stadion was, after all, a standing section.

Just like in the United Kingdom, safe standing has been gaining momentum in the Netherlands, even if it’s been part of the stadium experience for some time.

One crucial piece of evidence is Johan Cruijff ArenA’s lower south stand, which recently successfully hosted Euro 2020 games without the need for a costly conversion into UEFA’s all-seated stadium. The solution implemented allows both standing and seating places to be used, depending on demand.

Author: MK