Germany: Karlsruhe ready for (partial) opening of new stadium

source: [MK]; author: michał

Germany: Karlsruhe ready for (partial) opening of new stadium Two grandstands are fully operational, it’s time to invite supporters inside. Even if only 50% of available capacity can be used, end of July will see a major celebration in Karlsruhe. Final preparations are underway.


The German city of Karlsruhe is about to see a generational shift. The new east and south grandstands are about to welcome supporters. Although structurally it’s only half of the planned new stadium, in terms of capacity the delivered sections provide majority of the stadium thanks to extensive use of terracing. In total, nearly 20,000 seated and standing places will be available, out of total planned size of 34,000+.

BBBank Wildpark© Eigenbetrieb Fußballstadion im Wildpark/Stadt Karlsruhe

However, due to local pandemic restrictions, the stadium will open with only 50% places available. This means Karlsruher SC will welcome under 10,000 spectators and the club decided to sell only season tickets for the 2021/22 campaign in 2. Bundesliga. Single-day tickets would only be available for some 500 away supporters, unless regulations regarding travel change.

The first game at new Wildparkstadion is scheduled for July 30, against SV Darmstadt 98. Until then the stadium should safely be approved but work is ongoing on a daily basis.

BBBank Wildpark© Eigenbetrieb Fußballstadion im Wildpark/Stadt Karlsruhe

What’s happening at the construction site?

Throughout June and July the biggest emphasis remains on securing proper facilities to enable organising games with fans inside the stadium. The south stand has recently received its main access route, while kiosks and toilets are being equipped across the public concourse.

Last week the turnstile system was installed inside the east stand. Rather than large steel gates, the system resembles turnstiles known from subway stations, far more comfortable and with high capacity.

BBBank Wildpark© Eigenbetrieb Fußballstadion im Wildpark/Stadt Karlsruhe

But by far the biggest changes are happening on the field’s west side. Here, the new main stand is beginning to rise from the ground, with basement level receiving its ceiling. Expected to accommodate facilities for the press, VIPs and players, it’s the most complex area of the stadium. In a year’s time we should see its full scale.

New season with a new name

As approved by the city council on June 22, Wildparkstadion has its first ever naming rights contract. From 2021/22 the building is known as BBBank Wildpark. As is customary, the deal’s value hasn’t been revealed, only its duration: 5 years.

Author: MK