St. Louis: City show final seating design

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St. Louis: City show final seating design They’re still a long time from league debut but St. Louis City are already teasing fans with fresh renderings of their downtown stadium. The latest batch of images shows the seating layout.


Saint Louis City SC will only join MLS in 2023, however already today the pace of their new stadium’s construction is truly impressive. Groundbreaking took place in February of 2020 and already today the venue has its main stand nearly complete, with canopy now being close to completion.

Remaining three stands aren’t as advanced yet but you can clearly see the outline of the future auditorium. The east side will have its lower tier resting on sloped land, reminding observers that the stadium’s playing field is sunken 12 metres below street level.

Had anyone told us 15-20 years ago that there would be such a stadium in Missouri, we wouldn’t believe. Not only does it have a fully-covered auditorium but also is designed specifically for football.

During games all of the 22,500 fans will be located within 37 metres distance from the field, making the stadium truly compact. By comparison, at athletics stadiums even the front row can be further away, let alone fitting all spectators in this space.

We already knew a bunch of facts about the stadium, including the increase in budget from early estimate of $400 million to today’s $457.8 million (from €330m to €378m). We also know that capacity can be increased by roughly 2,500 if needed.

St. Louis City SC stadium, to debut in MLS in 2023For that need to arise, tickets have to be sold out and the city needs to stand behind their freshly-formed team. That shouldn’t really be a challenge as St. Louis is one of USA’s most soccer-loving cities.

The latest teaser for potential fans is a set of renderings depicting how the final seating layout will look. Selected colours come as no exception, ‘City red’ and ‘river blue’ are City’s two primary colours. Gradient instead of solid sections is also a popular choice these days, while the bold and capitalised CITY sign within the east stand should look great on TV, before fans fill the stadium.

Author: MK

St. Louis City SC stadium, to debut in MLS in 2023© St. Louis City SC, HOK Architects

St. Louis City SC stadium, to debut in MLS in 2023© St. Louis City SC, HOK Architects