Nightclub at the stadium? Yes, in Vegas

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Nightclub at the stadium? Yes, in Vegas Where else than the Sin City? A new corporate hospitality option has surfaced for Allegiant Stadium, for all we know the very first in the world of sports. One end of the field will hold a vast nightclub with two DJs.


Whether you mean the global brand or American football, it’s long been clear that for some it’s more important to be seen at a game than actually see it. That’s why more and more diverse hospitality options at stadium turn from regular premium seating into event places themselves. In Jacksonville you can swim and watch the game at the same time while in Miami there are mini ‘living room’ booths for comfort-loving fans.

​Why not a casino experience?

So, what did Las Vegas come up with? No, not a casino. Not even a betting lounge, despite such projects being considered across NFL. Raiders may have official casino partners (San Manuel and Caesars) and fans are lured with Free Bets on mobile apps (more than 60% of Nevada sports wagers are made with an app) but Allegiant Stadium remains neutral in terms of gambling.

Allegiant Stadium night club

Even more, Raiders have confirmed that there has been no initiative to bring a retail on-site casino or sportsbook to the ‘Death Star’. Because Las Vegas is packed with major gambling brands, there’s enough potential in teaming up with them rather than creating new establishments. This might change in the future, should betting become commonplace at other stadiums but for now Allegiant Stadium is gambling-free.

​They created a nightclub instead

In the constant search for new thrills, stadium visitors in Vegas will have something completely new. An actual nightclub area behind one of the goals, on field level. Dedicated entrance to the stadium, 29 comfortable black booths and 4 bars are expected to bring young affluent visitors to Allegiant Stadium.

Allegiant Stadium night club

Here, they’ll find 42 TVs, a 9x35' LED screen, a 45,000-watt sound system and 2 Djs boosting the mood. Add to that the promised premium bottle service and you can forget about the match, just have fun. While it might seem weird to many traditional football enthusiasts, the experience fits very well with what people come to Vegas for: a night out in surroundings other than anywhere else. It’s loud, it’ll cost you and you’ll have something to boast about… like the visit to Vegas itself.

​When will fans enter Allegiant Stadium?

Because of Raiders owner’s all-or-none policy, last season nobody was able to enter Allegiant Stadium. So only a handful of people have experienced the technology-packed 65,000-seater first hand. That’s precisely how the new nightclub area, called the Wynn Field Club, was able to grow unnoticed.

It’s been ready for months but is only advertised now. How so? Pre-season momentum is growing and all indications say large crowds will finally enter Allegiant Stadium this summer. While Nevada’s restrictions were few either way, Clark County (where the stadium sits) will only fully reopen on June 1. From that moment onward, fans will be able to legally enjoy major sports events. It will only depend on Raiders how many of them will be allowed inside the closed-dome stadium.

Allegiant Stadium night club